Ocular Techniques

Ocular Techniques

What is Ocular Techniques?

The user of this ability can also gain special powers from their eyes, possibly by having special eyes containing a power that gives them abilities or enhancements.

Such as: Byakugan, Jōgan, Ketsuryūgan, Mangekyō Sharingan, Ranmaru's Kekkei Genka, Rinne Sharingan, Rinnegan, Sharingan, Tenseigan from narut's universe

Heroes and villains with Ocular Techniques

Edo Itachi Uchiha Itachi
Edo Itachi
Hinata Hyuuga Hinata
Hinata (Part II) Hyuuga Hinata
Hinata (Part II)
Sasuke (Part II) Uchiha Sasuke
Sasuke (Part II)