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NOS-4-A2's History

NOS-4-A2 was created by Zurg in order to infiltrate and sabotage Star Command. Disguised as an ordinary piece of cargo, the robot was the object of a tactical feint led by Warp Darkmatter, wherein he attempted to steal the coffin housing NOS-4-A2 for Zurg, leading Team Lightyear to believe it held strategic value. En route to Star Command, NOS-4-A2 attacked and "bit" X.R., making the robot one of his mind-controlled minions. After arriving at Star Command, the energy vampire, with X.R.'s help, took control of the station in secret and tricked nearly all Space Rangers into leaving Star Command unoccupied. Fortunatley, Buzz Lightyear and Mira Nova weren't fooled and went to confront the creature. The 2 Rangers battled NOS-4-A2, but were unable to gain an advantage over him until Booster Munchapper, X.R.'s friend and fellow ranger, managed to free the little robot from his mind-control. X.R. drained the vampire of his energy, leading to his successful capture.

NOS-4-A2 was also responsible for bestowing the Wirewolf curse on organic Space Ranger Ty Parsec as a result of biting him. After numerous other failures against Team Lightyear, the energy vampire formed an alliance with X.R.'s rogue "brother" X.L., and overthrew Zurg, taking control of Planet Z. NOS-4-A2 had a special cannon constructed, and, using an unwilling Ty Parsec as its power source, sought to transform all organic life in the universe into Wirewolf slaves under his control. His plan was foiled by Buzz Lightyear, X.R., and a reformed X.L.. NOS-4-A2 was finally killed by Ty Parsec after being impaled on the very cannon he created.