Jean-Paul Beaubier


Northstar's Powers

Northstar can move and fly at superhuman speed. He can channel a portion of the kinetic energy of the atomic motion in his body's molecules in a single direction, accelerating his body to a velocity in direct proportion to the amount of kinetic energy he has tapped. It is theoretically possible for Northstar to reach 99% of the speed of light (186,272 miles per second in a vacuum), but his inability to breathe at such speeds and the damage his body would suffer from wind and friction prevent him.

As a side effect of partially robbing his molecules of their atomic motion, the binding forces within and between the molecules increase which enhances the sheer toughness of Northstar’s entire body. This effect gives his skin enough durability to withstand speeds up to at least Mach 10 without injury. Northstar can also vary the rate of acceleration of his molecules to release a cascade of photons as bright as a lighthouse beacon.

Northstar is a world-class professional skier, skilled trapeze artist, and an accomplished novelist. Northstar also speaks fluent French.

Northstar's Weaknesses


Strength level

500 kg (1,100 lb)