Nomad (MCU)

Nomad (MCU)

Steve Rogers

Nomad (MCU)'s weapons

Vibranium Shield

A concave disk about 2.5 feet in diameter, weighing 12 pounds painted in its familiar red-white-and-blue pattern with a five-pointed star design in its center, constructed by Howard Stark and made from vibranium. The vibranium composition allows the shield to absorb and reflect kinetic energy from impacts, therefore, making it nigh-indestructible. Nearly every kind of human weaponry cannot even dent it, as bullets normally bounce off it. The shield is also strong enough to combat magic and mystical weapons, such as Thor's hammer Mjølnir. It also withstood Iron Man's repulsors, deflecting them in a coordinated team attack. The shield's shape makes it a superb throwing weapon. It can cut through the air with minimal wind resistance. It is also able to bounce off solid objects, such as walls and floors, when struck on its edge and can be ricocheted off of multiple surfaces. It also makes a formidable and devastating hand-held weapon. Combined with Rogers' strength and combat skills, it enables him to plow through virtually any opponent. The vibranium in the shield also enables Rogers to withstand great falls and devastating blows that he couldn't otherwise. At the end of the Avengers Civil War, Rogers surrendered the shield to Tony Stark acknowledging that Howard Stark had made it and he had proven unworthy of it.

M1 Garand

Rogers has issued an M1 Garand rifle for his training maneuvers in Camp Lehigh. However, he never used it for actual combat during World War II.

Colt M1911A1

Rogers was issued an M1911A1 as his sidearm during World War II. He took one of them in an unauthorized mission to liberate Bucky Barnes in a HYDRA facility in Austria, and continued to use it during the rest of the war, especially in his attacks against HYDRA all over Europe and the capture of Arnim Zola.

M1921 Thompson

Before joining World War II, Rogers played a colorful character named Captain America in a series of live shows and films. In those films, he used an M1928A1 Thompson to attack Nazis and protect America, inspiring soldiers to join the United States Armed Forces and citizens to buy war bonds.

Noveske N4 Diplomat

Captain America took one of these rifles from one of the mercenaries that attacked the Helicarrier, and used it to defend his position while helping Tony Stark to restart the aircraft's propellers.

M67 Grenade

Rogers obtained a grenade from one of the HYDRA operatives patrolling one of the Project Insight Helicarriers, using it to attack a group of operatives while infiltrating the aircraft.

Proxima Midnight's Spear

Rogers briefly used Proxima Midnight's weapon when rescuing Vision, catching it after Midnight threw it to him and quickly passing it to Black Widow so she could impale Corvus Glaive.

Corvus Glaive's Glaive

Rogers temporarily used Corvus Glaive's weapon in combat with Proxima Midnight. Together with Black Widow, Rogers managed to disarm and defeat Midnight before they escaped. The glaive then was aspired back and also returned to the owner.

Wakandan Shields

Rogers was given two-handed shields in Wakanda, capable of collapsing to be smaller and used as gauntlets for punching. The shield's points are incredibly sharp, creating an offensive weapon, being able to pierce the skin of Outriders. He used them to go against Thanos himself, even managing to strike him three times in quick succession.

Nomad (MCU)'s equipment


Rogers and Howard Stark both designed the original suit he wore during the war. It was made of carbon polymer and it offers a medium level of resistance to gunfire. The helmet also served as a mask. It also allowed for a sidearm. The shield could be attached to the back. However, upon his reawakening and him joining the Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D., along with input from Phil Coulson, designed his new upgraded suit. It has more flexibility and mobility than his previous suit. The new suit carries a wireless communicator. The uniform is composed of a Nomex and Kevlar fiber. While it doesn't allow for him carrying a sidearm, nonetheless, it is bulletproof and fireproof. It could also withstand blunt force trauma and energy blasts from alien weaponry.

Utility Belt

Captain America wears a utility belt containing tactical devices and equipment for battle.

Grapple Device

A line cable firing device that automatically entangles a limb of a flying or fleeing culprit, thus preventing their escape. It is kept in Captain America's utility belt. Captain America used it on Iron Man when Stark was chasing Winter Soldier.
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