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Battles created by Nightspawn

Team 1 Team 2
Minoru Mineta (MHA)Team Captain Marvel (MCU)6 mo 4436
Dolores UmbridgeMinoru Mineta (MHA)6 mo 1012
Minoru Mineta (MHA)Violet (Incredibles)6 mo 1012
Minoru Mineta (MHA)Power Girl6 mo 1112
Team Minoru Mineta (MHA)Team Issei Hyoudou (High School DxD Universe)6 mo 1012
DiscordMister Mxyzptlk6 mo 1012
Magikarp (Pokemon)Team The One-Above-All6 mo 8101
Team Hela (MCU)Team Loki (MCU)6 mo 7101
Team DeathTeam Death Of The Endless6 mo 8101
Grand Admiral ThrawnLelouch (Code Geass)6 mo 1000
Team CarrieTeam SCP-173 (SCP)6 mo 4000
Bully MaguireDarth Vader4 mo 2100
Doctor Octopus (Raimiverse)Eraser Head (MHA)2 mo 1000
Dolores UmbridgeCaptain Marvel (MCU)6 mo 3000
Michael MyersAnt-Man (MCU)6 mo 1100
FigmentThanos (Infinity Gauntlet) (MCU)2 mo 1000
GameraTeam Mount Lady (MHA)6 mo 1000
Team Johnny Longtorso ((Absorbed CM, BC,H,IG,SW,PL and R))Death6 mo 3000
Doctor OctopusNomu3 mo 1000
Minoru Mineta (MHA)Carrie6 mo 2000