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5+ years member.
Voted: Spider-Man

-Depends on which Spider-Man you're talking about-
If its the normal Spiderman who is intelligent, strong, fast, agile, and hard to kill then he would easily win since Batman would only best him in combat. If it's the kid Spider-man in the recent movies who depends on Tony's Stark suits and tech then he would easily be defeated because of his lack of experience and Batman's better technology.
5+ years member.
Voted: Batman

It would be a close battle but Batman has the upper hand. If Batman is prepared and has the right gadgets then he would for sure win since Steve Rogers is more old fashioned and only uses his vibranium shield in which Bats can easily dodge. They are both equivalent in hand to hand combat and peak human stamina, agility, and durability (have both survived heavy blows). But although Steve has more strength and speed from the serum, Batman has better gadgets and is far smarter letting him win the fight...
5+ years member.
Galactus, if possible, can u add Agility to the powerstats because agility is pretty important in someones's stats=)
5+ years member.
Baymax and Hiro must be added to the site=)
5+ years member.
The Flash because i could pretty much be anywhere whenever I want
5+ years member.
Actually it's not that unfair because Nightwing would most likely have more energy because he's younger and Batman is a lot older so he would already use up all of his energy!
5+ years member.
I would say Wonder Woman but Hulk has more energy so he could win while Wonder Woman starts to get tired...
5+ years member.
I think Intelligence should be worth higher because for example: When Batman is losing a battle, he always uses his mind before he starts to lose and places bombs so he gets the upper hand!
5+ years member.
They should change Green Goblin 2[Harry Osborn] to neutral instead of bad because he is a villain but at the same time Spider-man[Peter Parker]'s best friend and they should change catwoman from good to neutral because she is a thief!😀

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