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Battles created by NarutoFoxLord

Team 1 Team 2
Spider-WomanPoison Ivy25 d 11013
Jin Kazama (Devil Form) (Tekken)Batman29 d 14013
Goku (Mastered Ultra Instinct) (DB)Superman (Injustice)29 d 11001
Jin Kazama (Tekken)Batman (DCAU)6 mo 7001
Jin Kazama (Tekken)Ken (Street Fighter)11 mo 9001
Goku (Super Saiyan God) (DB)Goku (Super Saiyan 4) (DB)6 mo 8001
Ms. Marvel (Earth-8096)Invisible Woman (Earth-8096)5 mo 7001
Superman (DCAU)Goku (DB)6 mo 8001
Future Gohan (Super Saiyan) (DB)Batman6 mo 8001
Mystic Gohan (Potential Unleashed) (DB)Ryu (Power Of Nothingness) (Street Fighter)29 d 8001
Vegeta (Super Saiyan Blue Evolved) (DB)Batman (New 52)1 mo 9001
Ms. Marvel (Earth-8096)Aresia (DCAU)5 mo 7001
Gohan (SS2) (DB)Ryu (Satsui no Hado) (Street Fighter)11 mo 9001
Bardock (Super Saiyan) (DB)Wonder Woman (DCAU)6 mo 8001
Solid Snake (MGS)Iron Man10 mo 8001
HelaThena6 mo 9001
Vegeta (Super Saiyan God) (DB)Batman (Arkhamverse)29 d 12001
Jin Kazama (Tekken)Batman (New 52)11 mo 9001
Spider-WomanSakura2 mo 8001
Naruto (Baryon Mode)Vegeta (Unbound Ultra Ego) (DB)2 mo 7001