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Nakanoin Reizen

Shinza Banshou

Nakanoin Reizen's powers and abilities

While he doesn't have a special weapon like Habaki, insane sword skills like Soujirou Mibu, or a distortion like some of his compatriots, his skills are enough to stand against the Tenma of Yatsukahagi. Because of his relationship with Habaki,when the latter gains power trough Tumor Mandala,Reizen will infinitely grow in power on a scale that Exceeds that of Habaki,reaching at the beginning of their fight,a level comparable to Soujirou.(獅子像狐狼) Reizen’s special ability. This allows him to passively weaken his enemies to the point where they cannot regenerate, cannot stand up after getting knocked out, and being unable to fight at their fullest, essentially debuffing his opponent.

Solipsism Mandala

The Universe of the Tengu Way, law of Hajun that follows self love. Generally, this law causes all living beings to become stronger due to self-love. This result in a world in which everyone kills the other because of their narcissism. But Those with strong self-esteem that they are "the only one" in existence, in other words, those with a higher sympathetic rate with Hajun are strengthened by his Mandala to absurd levels. In the case of Reizen, he was granted an immense increase in power that he was being stated as equal to Tenma Ootake without the latter using his Taikyoku.



Intelligence200 IQ

Super Powers