Mushroom Kingdom


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The Mushroom Kingdom is the primary setting of the Mario franchise. It is ruled by Princess Peach, and its appearance changes from game to game. Despite this, the kingdom consists of many similar recurring landscapes, such as plains, deserts, islands, forests, mountains, snowy areas, and volcanoes. Despite being mostly peaceful, the Mushroom Kingdom is often the victim of numerous catastrophes, which include multiple attempted takeovers (mostly at the hands of Bowser), awakenings of great evil, a few pandemics such as the Blorbs, ruining of several festivals and traditions, alien invasions, and even the near destruction of the kingdom itself. Nearly all of these disasters lead to Peach getting herself in danger, leaving Mario and Luigi, the kingdom's heroes, as the ones to save her. While Bowser is mainly focused on conquest, other villains may try to destroy the kingdom and its inhabitants, leading him to team up with the heroes at times.

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