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Voted: Paul Blart

Why Thanos Lost:
-Snapped the wrong mall
Voted: Paul Blart

Why Thanos would lose:
-He walked into the wrong mall.
Voted: Deadpool

As stupid as it might say I vote DP just because of his healing factor. I mean (Not sure about this but) he can heal from being a single cell and i'm pretty sure Superman doesn't have vision at that level of magnification and so the fight would take years but either DP somehow kiIIs superman or Superman dies of old age just because of a stupidly OP healing factor.
Voted: One Punch Man

His power isn't infinite. But, we still haven't seen his full power cause even Boros stated that he was holding back against him therefore counting some people who say he struggled finishing Boros off.
Voted: One Punch Man

TBH, OPM would win just because his thing is that he wins in 1 punch, as stupid as it sounds it's basically his power to 1 shot things plus we don't even know his fuII power yet so deciding who would win would be near impossible, but i'd go for saitama just because of his gag being to '1 shot everything', it's also the reason he was created, so he could be OP.

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