Mr Incredible

Robert Parr


Mr Incredible's Powers

Super Strength

Mr. Incredible's primary superpower is super strength. He is seen bench-pressing locomotives and throwing boulders at speed, even in middle age. This gives him a leaping ability of a few stories, with corresponding agility. Due his strength, also has good swimming ability, though his lung capacity does not appear to be substantially greater than a normal human's.


His leg strength also gives him the ability to run significantly faster than a normal human—though neither his speed nor agility can approach that of his son, Dash.


Mr. Incredible also has a high degree of durability. He can withstand tremendous amounts of physical trauma, including multistory falls, the direct impact of a train, and breaking through brick walls. He can be cut, though, with tough, sharp metals and a suitable amount of force.

Enhanced Senses

He also has very sharp senses. This power is seen when Bomb Voyage is about to blow open the vault of a sky rise building; Mr. Incredible is able to hear the faint beeping of the bomb from the other side of a bank vault.

Mr. Incredible does not exhibit superhuman intelligence, but his years of super-heroic experience allow him to rapidly formulate effective strategies to deal with opponents who cannot be bested by his strength alone.

In the Operation Kronos database, Mr. Incredible was given a threat rating of 9.1, the highest rating of any of the Supers

Mr Incredible's Weaknesses

Mr. Incredible does not appear to have any superhuman weaknesses, but is as vulnerable as anyone to hubris from the veneration of his "glory days" and in middle age he has a bad back.

Strength level

150+ tons (330,000 lb)