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Emmitt Walton


Mothman's History

Mothman or Emmitt Walton is the CEO of Walton Enterprises and the Byronic vigilante operating in Hollow City.

When Emmitt was 8years old, he came home from school that he figured out that his dad named Jeremy Walton is still at work. Emmitt want to surprise his father that what he accomplishes at school. But when Jermey Walton came out of work, some masked person approaching him with a pistol on his hand. Jeremy put his hands up and tells that what did he wanted, but it went wrong, the masked person shot Jeremy Walton in the ribs sending him to flying to the garbage cans. Emmitt and his mother Gisselle Walton watched the news and see his father’s dead body in the alley. Emmitt and Gisselle cried that what happened to Jermey. When Emmitt was 16 years old, Him and his mother were in the fire. Emmitt was asleep when the arson begin, Gisselle was hurrying up and finding his son suck in his own room by fire. Emmitt and Gisselle was near the exit, but Emmitt got suck. The roof is about collapse on them. Gisselle pushed him out of the building and the roof falls on top of Gisselle. It’s over, Gisselle Walton was dead and going to heaven with his husband Jeremy.


Mothman is highly inspired by Batman (DC Comics), Moon Knight (Marvel Comics), Nighthawk (Marvel Comics), and also Mothman (Cryptids).