Emmitt Walton


Mothman's weapons

Variations of Motharangs

Explosive Motharang

EMP Motharang

Thermal Motharang

Mothman's equipment


the Mothsuit is a clothing for Mothman to use in combat. The bodysuit is made for fabric that is resistant to getting stabbed or cut by a knife, so it means it’s stab and tear resistant. Mothman’s Mask is made of carbon fiber, it makes the mask resistant to bullets, impact, knives, and fire. The armor on the Mothsuit is bullet, fire, stab and shock resistant. His boots and gloves has Technology under the leather fiber, this makes it resistant to impact and shock. So the gloves have metal between the knuckles so he can knockout his enemies. The boots aphave metal on the front to knockout his enemies with a kick. And finally, his cape was memory cloth, allow him to glide through hollow city, the cape is fire, bullet and tear resistant.

Utility Belt

The Utility Belt is the main object of Mothman to use in combat and for escapes. The equipment was stored inside the metal pouches on his waist. The utility holds his Motharangs, Bolas, Grappling Cables, Gas Pellets, Stun Gun, Mesh Net Launcher, Hacking Devices, Somke and Concussion Grenades, and Fingerprint Kit, it also had Argonite ring and weaponry when Star Sentry went Rogue or mind controlled.

No equipment or weapons connected to Mothman