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I don't mind having a collection and a forum post about the same subject. I should make it possible to connect the two.
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Ok well I don't like when people spam with the forum about the same thing sometimes.
Okay @Galactus
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You're missing Ghost Rider (Robbie Reyes), Odin, and Lady Phoenix. Captain Marvel shouldn't be as high as she is.
I kind of didn't include Prehistorical Avengers, but was Ghost Rider an Avenger? I can't remember
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Robbie Reyes is an Avenger in the current Avengers run.
He could be at 6th place or near
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You can't create this again because @Galactus will close it.
Why can't I?
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Because it's stupid to have another forum like this open when there already is one like this.
This is a collection and there are plenty of other collections naming most powerful characters in Marvel/DC or similar. I see no reason why would he close it
1+ years member. This is what happens @Soratoumiga.
What? This is about MOST POWERFUL AVENGERS, it has nothing to do with users whatsoever
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Using this as an Example this Forum might get closed that's all.
I doubt that it will close. I am following the rules. @Galactus Your opinion?
1+ years member. Why post another thing like this when you already have it open what the f?
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I won't be deleting stuff that easily.
For crying out loud, this is a COLLECTION, not a forum. Those are two completely different and distinct things.
Thanks, World Eater, I mean @Galactus
Tell me if I forgot about someone, please

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