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what makes Wanda more intelligent that Diana?
Diana is very familiar with the Arcane, so why does everyone think she would not be able to handle Wanda? I still do not get it. Is it because Diana tends to be more physical and Wanda more cerebral? gotta throw me more here...
Voted: Brainiac 5

Would Deadshot even get close? Brainiac 5 has a level 12 intellect.... (I am not smart enough to know what that means tho!!) Still voting on Brainiac on this one...
Voted: Black Canary

The black cat has unlucky powers right... So, maybe Black Canary's sonic scream wouldn't work or miss.... then it is down to who ever is the better fighter... The theif or the figher.. Who am I kidding??
Voted: Flash (CW)

not sure why they both have the same speed rating or it does not go high enough. The flash should be able to react before she can get him and then ZAP!
Voted: Doctor Doom

I voted out of disgust for the FOX version of Doom...
Voted: Daredevil

Do we take into account that Blackwidow knows all the ins and outs for Daredevil. She could easily figure out a way to overload his senses.. or do they bump into each other where both of them are in Pissy moods! ;-)
72 days ago
Iron Man vs Thor
Voted: Thor

Iron man is overrated!!!
Martian Manhunter has been my favorite character for quite sometime. I despise Cyborg (stupid Teen Titan!!) when he replaced J'onn in the Justice League.

Other favorites: Colossus & Firestorm
Voted: Wonder Woman

she would essentially be a flying bullet that Godzilla could not stop, that would strike him through repeatedly... A disgusting win, but a win for Wonder Woman! ;-)
Voted: Ghost Rider

between magic and his power, he should eventually defeat Ares!