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Mister Miracle

Scott Free



Mother Box Mister Miracle has shown more proficiency than anyone with the Mother Box, capable of using her for purification,[9] transportation, healing, data hacking, and has shown to have some type of connection with her

Costume Upgraded with New God technology, Mister Miracle's costume provides him instant access to his gadgetry like the Aero-Discs which he can release and retract instantaneously.

Utility Belt An effective and compact method for storing useful devices.

Electric Bomb A sphere-shaped device that releases a powerful wave of electricity.

Handcuffs A highly advanced securing locks, capable of restraining even New Gods.

Aero-Discs Thin plates about a foot across that can hover, they are sharp enough to slice through metal. So besides transportation, Miracle also installed them on his gloves to use as a melee weapon[9] and can fire them as speeding projectiles. They seem to tap into the Multiverse to summon Terra Firma that exist in alternate worlds. So if reaching enough, they can summon necessary solid ground to create powerful shields.



Boom Sphere Created by Mister Terrific from a corrupted Boom Tube design, each sphere teleports material to the next one, creating a vicious, cannibalistic vortex of destruction.Capable of slicing even godflesh.

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