Mirror Master (CW)

Mirror Master (CW)

Sam Scudder


Mirror Master (CW)'s powers and abilities

Meta-Human Physiology

After Sam was struck by the energy of the Particle Accelerator explosion, this altered his DNA and supercharged his cells, augmenting his physiology into allowing him to access his powers.

Catropic Teleportation

Sam can link Einstein-Rosen bridges to anything with high solar reflectance, allowing him to essentially create wormholes, or portals, through any reflective surface within a separate existence, allowing him to traverse areas at great speed at roughly Mach 13.2. Inside the pocket realm, time apparently passes very slowly (if at all); Sam claimed three years felt only overnight for him, which also keeps him from aging all the while. He can use this power on others, able trap them within the mirror's surface or teleport them. Speedsters are unable to phase through these reflection wormholes due to the molecules being in hyper state of flux. When combined with the vertigo-inducing powers of Rosa Dillon, Sam could create reflection portals around others that appeared as a kaleidoscopic landscape, allowing him to imprison others in his portals without the need for a reflective surface. He could even use his powers within a metahuman power-dampening cell at Iron Heights prison when he broke free his partner Rosa Dillon.

Strength Level

390 kg • 860 lb

Super Powers

Dimensional TravelDurabilityPortal CreationTeleportation