Calvin Montgomery Rankin


Mimic's Powers

Calvin Rankin has the ability to copy the powers, abilities, attributes, IQ, talents, fighting skills, and characteristics of anyone around him. Along with all those other things he can copy their physical appearance such as their skin color, bone structure, hair style and color, bone composition, voice, eye color, and other physical traits of those he mimics. When Calvin copies the abilities or powers of others he doesn't copy a persons flaws (Ex. When Cyclops was young he received a bump on the head which allowed him to not control his powers. However Calvin can control Cyclops' optic blasts). He has permanently retained the powers of Iceman, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Professor X, Beast, and Angel. The number of powers or people he can mimic are unknown or if he can keep the powers he copies indefinitely. He has been shown to be able to copy the abilities of over 10 people at once.

Mimic's Weaknesses


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