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Prime DC Comics Universe

Metron's History

Metron is the supreme explorer, scientist, and inventor of the New Gods. His mission is the unraveling of the mysteries of the universe. His credo is: ?Who runs the universe matters not! What makes it run is my prime objective!? The mysteries of his own origins have yet to be revealed, save that he is not a native of New Genesis or Apokolips, but comes from another place altogether. Although he allies himself with the New Gods, he is truly neither good nor evil. His main reason for helping the New Gods in battling Darkseid of Apokolips is fear of being made subject to Darkseid?s tyrannical rule. This would surely hinder Metron in his search for knowledge.

Metron first met Darkseid centuries ago, before Darkseid was ruler of Apokolips. Metron was fascinated by the ?X-Element,? a strange material that possessed teleportational abilities, which was invented by Himon, a scientist of Apokolips. Darkseid offered the element to Metron if he would use it to create devices with which Darkseid could invade New Genesis. Metron?s curiosity superseded any moral considerations, and as a result he was partially responsible for the ensuing war between New Genesis and Apokolips. Metron joined the New Gods after the warring planets had negotiated a pact of peace, sharing with them a teleportation device known as the ?Boom Tube? as an act of peace. Metron befriended young Orion and Lightray, the heirs apparent of New Genesis, and when Darkseid finally did break the peace pact he revealed the details of Darkseid?s plan to Orion.

Metron then went back to his research, interfering only rarely in the affairs of the New Gods. During one journey through another dimension, Metron discovered the Anti-Life, an extradimensional creature of infinite power. The sight of the creature temporarily damaged Metron?s mind and he lapsed into a comatose state. The Anti-Life sent a portion of its? energy into Earth?s dimension, and it took the combined might of the New God?s and Darkseid?s forces to banish it forever, but not before countless lives were lost. Recovering from his coma, Metron continued to wander the universe, oblivious to the carnage his quest for knowledge has often unleashed. Such matters are beneath his concern, he exists only to discover ultimate truth.

(Superman II #65, Superman: The Man of Steel #10, Superman II #66, Adventures of Superman #489) - Metron sensed a tragic event unfolding in the universe, and investigating he discovered that Warworld had destroyed the planet Almerac. He sensed Brainiac?s presence, and the madman?s plan to invade Earth. Metron sent a warning to Lightray and Orion, but Brainiac removeed Metron from the Mobius Chair and imprisoned him. Metron?s warning allows Superman to assemble an army of superheroes to defend Earth. When Metron was freed and reunited with his Mobius Chair, he shows a rare sign of emotion?anger. Metron assisted in Brainiac?s defeat, and later imprisoned him on New Genesis, despite an outcry from several heroes.

(New Gods Secret Files #1) - The Source Wall revealed to Metron and Takion that Mageddon, a doomsday weapon of the Old Gods, was set to reawaken and attack Earth. They agreed to have Orion and Big Barda join the JLA in order to combat this threat to the universe.