The Elder Scrolls Verse

Meridia's History

During the First Era, during the Alessia Rebellion, the Ayleids make a pact with Meridia and her minions, the Aurorans, to aid the Ayleids against the human rebellion. Ayleid champion Umaril the Stripped binds his life force within the domain of Meridia, granting him Daedra-like immortality. When he is killed in the Mundus, his spirit floats in the waters of Oblivion and eventually returns to the realm of Meridia.

The Lands of Meridia in Oblivion are collectively known as "The Colored Chambers".

Somewhere in 3E 433, Meridia was summoned by the Champion of Cyrodiil. She wanted the champion to clear a cave of necromancers and their undead minions. She rewarded the champion with her Ring of the Khajiit. The same artifact was given by Meridia to the hero of Daggerfall.

In 4E201, when the last Dragonborn touches the crystal of Meridia, she once again requires help to purge her temple of Mount Primortis of the necromancer Malkoran and the undead invading it. The new champion is rewarded with Dawnshard, sword and deadric artifact bearing the light of Meridia.