Mera's powers and abilities


Though not overtly visible, Mera possesses a set of gills, which allows her to extract oxygen from the surrounding environment enabling her to breathe underwater. Mera can also breathe in an oxygen/nitrogen atmosphere, but only for limited periods of time.

Dimensional Travel

Mera has the ability to travel between her native world of Dimension Aqua and the Earth realm. Her aptitude with this power has not always been consistent, and there have been occasions when Mera has been forced to find an alternate recourse for crossing the barriers.[7]


Mera possesses the ability to increase the density of water within her immediate vicinity for a wide variety of effects. This ability allows her to create "hard water" objects, reshaping volumes of water into simple geometric shapes. Mera commonly uses this power to create water missiles, which she projects towards a selected target.

Enhanced Durability

In addition to her ability to perpetually exist underwater, Mera also possesses enhanced density and muscle mass, allowing her to survive at ocean depths that would prove unsafe for normal humans.

Enhanced Strength

Because of her powerful physiology her strength far exceeds that of humans allowing her to utilize this strength above water to topple obstacles and opponents.


Mera possesses a limited degree of telepathy, which allows her to communicate with other Atlantean beings. Unlike Aquaman however, Mera cannot use this ability to communicate with lower order marine life.



Mera has lived underwater her whole life as such she is an expert in swimming and has taken to it like humans take to walking.

Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced)

Mera was trained by her father to murder the King of Atlantis, as such she went through rigorous fights in order to prepare herself. She's fought Black Manta to a standstill.