Mega Man

Created by jager, 7 y 3 mo 10 d ago.

Why is there no Mega Man page? He is a super hero, he fights other robots like himself and saves the world. If dumb heroes like Ben 10 and Kool-Aid Man are on here don't you think Rockman (Mega Man's original name) deserves a spot too?


Alien_X 10 mo 7 d
Mega Man
1: Ben 10 isn't dumb. Kool-Aid Man is, but not Ben 10.
2: Doesn't Mega Man have a spot already?
3: Did you made a whole forum just so Mega Man can have a profile? Nice.
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Mr_Incognito 10 mo 7 d
Mega Man
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Hey, watch it. Don't disrespect my boi Kool