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Master Chen

Master Chen


Master Chen's weapons


Modeled after various melee weapons, the Departed Blades functioned like regular tools in combat. Their main purpose, however, was their ability to transfer the placement of souls—should a soul involved in the death of the wielder be slain by a Departed Blade, the Blade's magic would allow the victim to trade places with their killer, with the wielder now amongst the living and their deceased opponent in the afterlife.

Aside from these abilities, the Departed Blades functioned as regular melee weapons and did not possess any of the powers of the weapons that they were modeled after.[1] The only exception to this is Pythor's staff, which holds an anti-venom in its capsule, although Pythor himself is unknowing and wary of its contents.

Master Chen's equipment

Staff of Elements (formerly)

The staff has the power of absorption because it has been used to take the user's elemental power from them, sometimes via weakening the Elemental Master using one of the elements previously absorbed. It's then kept in the staff's crystal orb.

After the staff has absorbed a certain Element, that same Element can be used at will by anyone who holds it.

If the staff contains too many Elements or too much power, it can corrupt an inexperienced user.

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