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Marvel cosmology respect thread

Created by Tahsin, 1 y 5 mo 17 d ago.

Make a respect thread over marvel cosmology


MoNsTeR 1 y 3 mo 29 d
Marvel cosmology respect thread
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each universe in marvel is infinite in size

each reality is a continuity

in marvel’s realities there are dimensions like the dark dimension

here some info

we have in the reality the bio verse/the dark galaxy which is beyond the universe

The Impecron a hidden place in the galaxy

Made to be hidden from heralds of Galactus

Defies all logic and physics

the layers of reality stacks upon conceptual infinities

a single reality can tank a platonic war which erased entire concepts

the reality can tank the battle between forsung and odin which was beyond the furthest range of tought and beyond the concepts of time and space
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MoNsTeR 1 y 3 mo 29 d
Marvel cosmology respect thread
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The Proof that Speed of Thought is indeed Irrelevant Speed and more, Speed of Thought helped Strange Catch-up to and beat a Death Spell Cast by Umar in her home Dimension who as we have established should be multiple layers into Outer

Dr Strange then continues to evade Umar inside the Dark Dimension

each reality is pan dimensional

each reality is made by ascending layers

even 1 reality is already at infinite higher layers

MoNsTeR 1 y 3 mo 29 d
Marvel cosmology respect thread
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we have transfinite levels of reality

let’s go over yggdrassil and his usual 10 realms
1st:it is the multiverse

The World Tree also spans the entirety of space and time.

The World Tree even contains a liquid that reflects all of spacetime.

the very reason why Heimdall can see all of space and time and its infinite complexities laid out before him is by looking through the branches of the World Tree.

When two realities are about to collide, it has been described as the final death of the World Tree.

Yggdrasil exists on every single plane of reality

there are infinite planes of reality

yggdrassil is described as the omniverse/multiverse
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MoNsTeR 1 y 3 mo 29 d
Marvel cosmology respect thread
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yggdrassil connects the asgardians to their true forms and is foundemental for them and viceversa

ggdrassil is immesurable for both mortals and immortals

yggdrassil holds all that is,all that was and all that ever will be

he far shore is inside of yggdrassil and is at the edge of everything,it can oversee all the realities below

he seed of yggdrassil is the core of everything,the hearth of creation

guess who is the heart of creation

he Seed is the very thing that spawned the entirety of the World Tree

It also older and more powerful than everything

Its energy and power is beyond the boundaries even what language and mathematics can explain. It is the eternal soul of the All-God himself

guess who is the all god

Its power is such that it can end Galactus’ hunger forever

it can even give Galactus a type of ever-lasting godhood, making him more powerful than ever before

The Seed is also responsible for making the next everything and the next Yggdrasil.

MoNsTeR 1 y 3 mo 29 d
Marvel cosmology respect thread
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Those new universes coalesced, forming a new, collective entity. A second cosmos and the first of a new breed. The first Multiverse.

But the death of one Multiverse was only the birth of another. I writhed in frustration in exile as the Multiverse was reborn, over and over. Evolving further with each iteration. Until now. Until you… Eternity.
the World Tree is pretty much connected to this, as mentioned in this panel.

the seed of the world tree can be the cosmic egg

it's not a case that that the seed of yggdrassil can create multiverses and is connected to galactus:in history of marvel universe(2019) galactus comprehended existing within oblivion and recreated the tenth cosmo using the few energies he had

when hulk comes to hell, the story talked about Qbalah

Qbalah is the tree of life

which is the alias of yggdrassil

MoNsTeR 1 y 3 mo 29 d
Marvel cosmology respect thread
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here is Al Ewing regarding Yggdrasil as the tree of life in an interview

Qbalah have ten sefirots or spheres

what holds yggdrassil? ten spheres

we have an opposite of Qbalah,mentioned in immortal hulk as well: Qlippoth:

Does Yggdrasil have an opposite? Yes. It is called the Anti-Tree. The shadow of the World Tree. Its polar opposite.

let’s go back a bit… about the sefirots.

Sefirots are emanations.

What are emanations?
This is the meaning of emanation

Emanation also comes from the Latin word Emanare meaning “to flow from,” or “to pour forth or out of

The World Trees you see within the universes of Marvel are merely its emanations. Its lesser copies that were projected downward by the true Yggdrasil.
This could explain why the World Tree exists on all planes of reality

bor planted his seed

The World Trees you see within the universes of Marvel are merely its roots or branches.
Why do I say so?
Well, here’s Seth.

It literally looks like a tree yet it is referred to as a root.
Here’s another.

You see that? Eric is saying to chop the root of the World Tree.
Yet what Thor cut in half was a tree.

yggdrassil have universal avatars and in his multiversal form have infinite baldr,loki,thor

the roots of the World Tree bind the entirety of the Marvel Cosmos

It can unmoor the Heavens and the Nine Worlds. (This scan also reveals that the World Tree binds all.

All of space and time will bleed through it in a strange liquid

The destruction of all the Asgardians

the realms of the world tree are universes

the universes are at least 4d
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MoNsTeR 1 y 3 mo 29 d
Marvel cosmology respect thread
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between asgard and the earth which are in the same solar system,there’s an infinite distance

he gods are stories we tell ourselves

stories end and begin

but there’s a true form of yggdrassil beyond the multiversal yggdrassil,which holds all of the stories

and keter, the true outside/the undefined far shore/the above place/the realm of the one above all, opposite to the below place which is inside of true qlippoth

asgard is beyond the mortal comprehension

asgard trascends space and time

the mortal vale

as u climp for yggdrassil u can remake what was unmade

baldr who is the concept of reborn and renovation, is inwoven by yggdrassil

destroying yggdrassil u would authomatically destroy all of the life troughout the multiverse and so multi eternity

asgardians can survive the destruction of yggdrassil turning in their true forms

it is a quantum metaverse

it trascends einstein-rose,morris-thorne and a quantum brane cosmological standpoint
MoNsTeR 1 y 3 mo 29 d
Marvel cosmology respect thread
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The tree connects all life. And the birth of life and mythologies and religions coincide with science, that all life came from a single source, be it unicellular life or the body of a giant (eternity), a cosmic egg or a ' explosion, and all this is also Yggdrasil. The Tree is incredibly vast. Its extent is beyond all measure, mortal or divine, in some places it exists only as a concept. Yggdrasil holds the Otherworld which connects All Multiverse, and also connects Multi-Eternity and Multi-Infinity / Multiverse, the entire structure of True Eternity is administered by the crystals within the Starlight Citadel, which is supported by the energies of yggdrasil, as we saw at the surtur events, when Master Wilson let Surtur touch this structure.

The Living Tribunal, the cosmic entity responsible for the balance and judgment of the Multiverse, was born from the expansion of the big bang that gave rise to the multiverse,yggdrassil is above the tribunal

In the seventh dimension, you have access to the possible worlds that start with different initial conditions. Whereas in the fifth and sixth, the initial conditions were the same and subsequent actions were different, here, everything is different from the very beginning of time. The eighth dimension again gives us a plane of such possible universe histories, each of which begins with different initial conditions and branches out infinitely (hence why they are called infinities). In the ninth dimension, we can compare all the possible universe histories, starting with all the different possible laws of physics and initial conditions. In the tenth and final dimension, we arrive at the point in which everything possible and imaginable is covered. Beyond this, nothing can be imagined by us lowly mortals, which makes it the natural limitation of what we can conceive in terms of dimensions.

he sword twilight of surtur can destroy and remake all of creation

asgard have a book of infinite pages filled with the infinite stories which are written since ginnungagap

ginnungap can be argued to be oblivion or at least an aspect of him

jolnir and the norn stones are avatar of the powers of asgard

the norn stones

the oversword

here something about avalon, asgard and the dark dimension

asgard is beyond the concepts of space and time

it is beyond humanity’s wildest dreams

it is beyond the realities of space and time

muspelheim is above the planes of existence of reality

we have the dimension of loki

the time turns and begins again with genesis

the earth/gaea is born as well as the other elder gods from the demiurge

and then she created the demiugorge to devour them

she is the true source of all of creation/the multiverse as she was the first thing out of darkness
MoNsTeR 1 y 3 mo 29 d
Marvel cosmology respect thread
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gaea amped hercules to a level nearly equal to the chaos king

he with the powers of gaea remade all of creation destroyed by the chaos king

the apprentice of the enchantress is between what is real and what is imagination

the world tree yggdrassil is a localized cosmic axis connecting a number of pocket dimensions to earth.A living symbol of the asgardian pahnteon’s belief structures,it links the realms of many races

hells and heavens>crossroads of infinity

but what are the crossroads of infinity? well they are the junction to every point of the multiverse on every level of it(the crossroads are inside the negative zone which is made by anti matter and is the opposite of the universe

an be used to jump between universes like in secret wars 3

The crossroads can take to the nexus of all realities

they’re created by the 6th multiverse

now let’s talk about marvel’s gods:
let’s talk about the norse gods and the olympian gods
asgardian gods are archetype,their natures even trascends dimensions

the gods are basically on higher levels of reality

As it goes the Gods are essentially entities made from the mixture of the Elder Gods essence and man’s subconscious. This will become important later. Scans that prove the same

MoNsTeR 1 y 3 mo 24 d
Marvel cosmology respect thread
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God Hood is referred as dominion over all planes of Reality, now here is the important part the planes of Reality mentioned throughout are not Simple Dimensions, but also include High Outerversal and beyond
So we are lowballing here.

elder gods like odin exists across everything everywhen in the multiverse, including the higher planes

the demiurge created the elder gods, gaea created the demiugorge to eat them alive

Amadeus Cho, who can see the Multiverse on Infinite levels can’t comprehend Dreamtime or the Collective Unconscious, aka the Origin of Gods. The thing I mentioned earlier and said it will be important later.

olympus exist in a space beyond space

we have the infinity embassay where the gods and demons gather

Vision explains that the Olympian Gods are not Physical Forms but Probably Concepts that are Woven into Reality due to the fact that People simply believe in them

and they’re concepts on every plane of existence of the multiverse

yx, the greek goddess of darkness, the 1st darkness of mankind is at her full power a primal aspect,this basically put her in the superflow,so we can suggest as well that the other greek gods are primal aspects

The wheel of death and rebirth is one of the many metaphysical systems of Reality-616. It spins infinitely, while humanity spins within it. We die and are reborn in different places on the wheel, in different realms. The animal kingdom. The human kingdom. The realm of the gods

odin is as old as creationodin is as old as creation

asgardians pre ragnarok
odin created all the worlds from ymir’s body

he carved creation from ymir’s body

odin,vali and vi killed ymir,creating the universe,the earth,the heaven,nidavellir and all the asgardian’s realms

odin created every world with his bare hands

the gods created everything from ymir’s body
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MoNsTeR 1 y 3 mo 24 d
Marvel cosmology respect thread
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zeus caused the big bang

zeus created the olympus

the olympian gods are bounded by a cosmic cycle of death and rebirth like the asgardian ones

odin and mythological creation

gods of marvel came directly from ideas,thoughts,stories and myths resonate the truth

they created their realms in a twilight dimension tangent to earth

gods like odin,zeus,gaea etc…. are masters of the cosmo and of the mystic realms,they’re the balance between chaos and order,they can destroy the multiverse or create an entire new one

odinsword was casually going to cause the end of the norse pantheon

olympian gods exist on an higher level of reality

odin created time itself

the shi’ar gods who fear odin created the concepts of time and space

odin is the father,gaea the mother,freya the queen and idunn the maiden

odin created gaea as well

it’s eternal and unchanging

it is at the ashes,it is protected from the spells of odin and his will

It is made under the different shades of the Ash world. And a threat to Yggdrasil, the serpent Jormungand, could never break his Odin-made walls until the odinforce passed to Thor

it is one of yggdrassil’s worlds

hel is beyond time

stories survives as long as we remember them

odin is the all father

odin is a primordial

odin is one of the mightiest beings
MoNsTeR 1 y 3 mo 24 d
Marvel cosmology respect thread
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odin is the embodyiment of 4 asgardian elder gods and of 5 regulare eledr gods

Odin has countless souls be born and die. He also saw the entire world be reborn a thousand times, and survived again and again the end of all things

To him, belief is meaningless. Faith is meaningless

when him and dormammu play with chess,they modify the entire reality

Because of Odin's sacrifices and knowing, he became a true god

not casually the death of odin was felt on every plane of existence of the multiverse

heimdall can see the negative zone etc..

he can even view everything of the space time and the branches of yggdrassil as well

thor can’t be freed by yggdrassil for his nature
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MoNsTeR 1 y 3 mo 24 d
Marvel cosmology respect thread
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let’s go over some other aspects of reality:to support the claim of each realm of yggdrassil being a multiverse(4d realms),count that the atoms are universes

there is the unknown realm which contains as well atoms which are universes

we have the realm of death which is where boundaries decay

stars in marvel are sentient beings,they can shape reality as they want, as every power came from them,including the magic

MoNsTeR 1 y 3 mo 23 d
Marvel cosmology respect thread
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the suns can even burn souls

the realm of the in betweener is between fact and fantasy

there’s the limbo which exists beyond all the concepts of space and time

we have extradimensional realms like the realm of darkcrawler,the dark dimension,the realm of the undying ones

universes in the dark dimensions are at infinite dimensional and infinite in size

the dark dimension is far beyond the farthest point of mortal’s comprehension,this include reed richards, amadeus cho,classic strange

it is between what is real and imagination

it contains things beyond logic and sense

inside of it there is even a dimension made of existence and nonexistence,dualities

the dark dimension have infinite universes

to reach darkcrawler’s realm u need to cross an inifnite void

and infinite planes of reality(everything that is stated for the dark dimension or for the nightcrawler’s realm is appliable to the other realm as well

the dark dimension is the corruption of the original reality

there are many dimensions called the dark dimension

the dream dimension is between existence and nonexistence

nightmare’s dimension contains all of fiction

MoNsTeR 1 y 3 mo 23 d
Marvel cosmology respect thread
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here are infinite powerful realms(the realms of the dreams

nightmare is much a part of existence as eternity

he’s capable of absorbing the energy of every realm, no matter if it is earthly or metaphisical,trascending so the abstracts

he can eventually become the multiverse and everyone inside of it

the realm of nightmare surrounds the earth

nightmare and eternity are comparable

the dreamqueen is the daughter of nightmare and she explained how things works in the dream world

nightmare can retcon

it trascends matter and time(infinity and eternity)

other info about the dark dimension

dormammu is his whole realm(the dark dimension

we have the hell realms with their respective hell lords

mephisto’s hell trascends infinitely
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Marvel cosmology respect thread
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The other world is responsible for understanding the High 1-B structures, the sidereal string is the kind of intersection of reality, and from there you can access any point along her that ties creation together, such as the negative zone / subspace that it had infinite higher dimensions

During the canonical events of "Earth X" Mephisto created thousands of alternate realities in the multiverse, manipulating them all with hatred. And it was explained that the secret of Mephisto's ability to travel through the Multiverse was a kind of map that allowed him to access the access points for each of the alternate realities of the Multiverse. So Donnerson reveals that this map was one of the roots of yggdrasil and explains that each tree's circle would be a different timeline. And the Tree grows with each new reality added to the Multiverse.

the hell lords are feared by the skyfathers

they are all aspects of satan

there are many dimensions, in each universe of marvel we have between 27268409 and 62985923 dimensions like the dark dimension and the dark dimension, all those dimensions,tiboro’s dimension,tazza’s dimension and nightmare’s dimension forms the cluster

let’s go over the infinity stone:pretty much every infinity stone contains a realm:
the soul stone contains the warp world,an entire multivers

and the soul world

there is a nexus of all realities even for the soul world which created man thing thang thoom

inside of the reality stone we have what u can argue to be the true form of yggdrassil or at least a part of it:the worldpool which contains every story of marvel

inside of the power stone we have an arena where characters fight and inside of that arena we have dynamus:the living embodyiment of the power cosmic

in the time stone we have the ellipsis

and in the space stone we have the vast

now let’s look at marvel’s realms of each reality:
there are myriads of pantheons with their own hells and heavens,some as big as those of the norse’s mithology

let’s go over the cyberspace:
We know there is CyberSpace which is a “Land of Information, an Infinite Frontier of Exponentially Expanding Electronic Data existing in the Ether of WorldWide Computer Interface” and CyberSpace is “Pure Information...Contains no Boundaries that cannot be crossed and no Programs that cannot be Accessed” and is only “Accessible…..through Virtual Reality Entertainment and Communication”

Each Universe has a Macroverse, what is the Macroverse?
The Macroverse is a “Reality Above” Regular Space or is a “Different Dimension” that have “Orbs” containing “Pocket Solar Systems, Tiny Suns, Baby PLanets, Micro-Moons” and is a place that “Defy All Physical Laws”

The Macroverse is the opposite of the Microverse and one must “Grow” to get there using Pym Particles
MoNsTeR 1 y 3 mo 23 d
Marvel cosmology respect thread
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Reed Richard use a Box for example, go get to the Microverse one must go down to the “Center of the Box” and to get into the Macroverse one must “Travel to the Plane Above the Box

Reality is “a Level Below” the Macroverse

Time Differential Between Our World and the Macroverse

An Hour in the Macroverse is “Thirteen and One Third Day Ago by Back on Earth

The more one Travels to the Macroverse and Stay there, the faster Time Moves in the Regular World
the macroverse is at infinite higher layers which trascends the normal layers of realities

Each Universe also have a Microverse

verything is generated from the microverse

The Microverse is a “Sub-Atomic Dimension that Exist within and Between the Folds of all Matter

Reed Richard describes the Microverse as an “Extra Dimensional Space, achieved through..Mass Stabilized Passage through the Zero-Point”

Each Universe has OverSpace which is a place “Beyond the Bounds of..Reality”

“Out of the Bounds of...Reality

Over Space is Beyond “Other Realms” and “Is a Point Above and Apart from All other Realities”

OverSpace you can meet the Aspect of Eternity that makes up the Universe

The Overspace is “Outside all Time and Space” Basically outside of Eternity

And is Basically the “Realm of the Abstract Entities
MoNsTeR 1 mo 6 d
Marvel cosmology respect thread
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the overspace is beyond imagination

Each Universe have UnderSpace too which is a Dimension below the Microverse” and is an “Infinite Void

Underspace is “the Polar Opposite” of OverSpace and is “the Dimension Below the Microverse

UnderSpace is Below the Microverse

There’s also the FoloSpace: “An Undimension Woven Through Space and Time

each universes are its own Eternity (aspect of Multi-Eternity) and all other cosmic beings.

death of death claimed that her+eternity are the whole of creation,even calling multi eternity as insignificant:

death of death even holds the cosmic egg and the green door(access to the below place) and can decide the life or death of the death:

death can’t touch galactus

death is the usher of oblivion, she is the one who devour eternity from the inside when the UN is used

she’s the sister and opposite of eternity as well as infinity is the sister and opposite of oblivion

MoNsTeR 1 mo 6 d
Marvel cosmology respect thread
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death is the start and the end of everything

cthon,dweller in the darkness,mephisto,shuma gorath,satannish and d’spayre are all aspects of death:

eternity and infinity are the concepts of space and time

they’re the same being even after eternity died and reborn as the 8th cosmo and infinity still was the 7th cosmos

at the end of existence eternity still would exist

now let’s go over some multiversal stuffs
it is at infinite layers,trascending the other infinite layers of 1 reality

each moment inside of each reality create infinite realities as a consequence of the quantum laws,each dream,thought,everything,creating so in each moment a layer more for each reality which create infinite realities in each second,for each thing that happens in each universe infinite realities are created(since even 1 universe is transfinite then for each reality we have tranfinite new realities

now let’s cover one thing:in marvel there are outer,high outer and boundless places but time is across every plane of existence,even eternity is affected by tan higher level of time(the never queen is true multi-eternity),even while as i’ve proved that multi eternity is the concept of time itself:

we have the time variance authority which is where the multiverse is observed on every level,it is as big as the multiverse

we have 4 foundemental parts of the marvel’s cosmology:the deep space,the superflow,the neutral zone and the outside:
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Marvel cosmology respect thread
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What is the deep space?
The Deep Space is just the regular space of a universe, but the place is also the “Home of the strange and alien magics

now let’s go over the superflow:
The SuperFlow is the “space between universes” (basically the unoccupied space of the multiverse), and it is “the God-Machines of ancients spin endlessly

there is a superflow for each universe:

The SuperFlow separates universes, can be used to “reborn and newborn” universes.

The SuperFlow reborn the Ultimates’ universe (dead super heroes are back).

Without the SuperFlow—”the Multiverse is now a universe”.

The SuperFlow contains “Primal Aspect.”

The SuperFlow is a higher plane of existence shown by LB Galactus.

The SuperFlow is where “living concepts make war.”

The SuperFlow leads to the Neutral Zone a higher layer of existence.

the superflow is the source of ideas,dreams and concepts:

The Neutral Zone is “a place where matter and anti-matter coexist” thus it is called the Neutral Zone.

The Out side is so vast that it’s an “endless VOID” and makes Multi-Eternity looks small.

The OutSide affects LifeBringer Galactus himself strongly, he can’t exist there “without risking traumas.”

The OutSide is “pure and perfect nothing”

The OutSide is “Outside everything. Beyond Life, Beyond Death.”

The OutSide is nothingness

the outside is the canvas/the never queen’s realm

the outside is a plane of nonexistence: oblivion

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Marvel cosmology respect thread
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Marvel cosmology respect thread
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what is cosmology
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Tahsin 1 y 5 mo 17 d
Marvel cosmology respect thread
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Cosmology means basically explanation of whole marvel and each of their realms and characteristics.
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