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I was just your everyday Reporter until I took control of the Daily Bugle. We were a respected news source until the Spider-Man came to town... I was jealous, I saw a man, purer, braver, and kinder than I. Who somehow had the humility I lacked. I raged against him under the pen name of J. Jonah Jameson, but eventually we befriended each other, and now here I am, ready to repair the reputation I so badly tarnished.

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Read this, it Fontaine's basically all of my evidence:
How is Vader a 12, Obi Wan a 22, and Sidious a 70?!?! Palpatine was pow yes, but he isn't more powerful than beings like Thanos, and Vader (especially recently with breaking the will of the force and Palpatine's force wall numerous times) has proven that he is more powerful than Sidious! Update him!
More Vader Canon feats:
Plus he has the high ground.
He's remarkably unbiased, though he is more knowledgeable on some characters than others.
Voted: Thor

Superman is faster, Thor is marginally stronger and more durable, and a much better combatant. But none of that matters because Thor can drain radiation. Solar radiation. Which means he can depower good old supes. Of course even without depowering I still think Thor would win.
Voted: Loki

Scrarlet witch only ever had a chance when she was amped with the life force (Avengers disassembled/ House of M), after that she even said that there was no way she'd be able to defeat Thor. The fight would be hard, but Loki simply has better feats (mostly) and is a much MUCH smarter fighter.
Please give us stats, it's said to be his best armor yet, and is really adaptable.
Voted: Spider-Man

It's a fallacy that this fight is as close as it is. Spider-Man moves faster than enhanced humans eyes can track (Paladin), so Batman's only chance of even tracking him is with tech (which he has). In addition to this Spider-Man has knocked out normal humans on multiple occasions with a flick, dodged multiple faster than light attacks at the same time, and supported parts of buildings. When a trained boxer punched him in the gut he broke his fist, when the Punisher punched him he hardly even reacted, in fights Spider-Man will REST by letting his foes hit him! He has to role with punches to avoid breaking his foes hands. The fight would likely go like this: Batman starts to attack Spidey, punches him, breaks a fist (maybe because of armour), Spidey cracks a joke, punches Batman, Batman's shocked by the lunch but still conscious due to his armor. He'd try to hide and sneak attack Spidey but that fails due to Spidey sense and with one more punch from Spidey it's over.

SPIDER-MAN WINS IN A CURBSTOMP I like Batman- a lot but this is rediculous!
Voted: Avengers

Interesting because this line up of avengers is definitely weaker, however, they still win. Why? Iron Man would scan all of the Justice Legue in a picosecoind, discovering their powers and weaknesses. With that knowledge he would proceed to underestimate Batman but defeat Superman (hear me out). You know Hyperion the carbon copy of Superman that gets his powers the same way? Well Iron Man developed a way to temporarily depower him, knocking Supes out of the fight. I feel Black Widow Would grafter Batman, lose, and impress cap enough for him to engage Bats. The flash would go for the biggest threa (I mean that in the most literal sense of the word) and attack Hulk. Cyborg has nothing on Iron Man and would lose (their both techno paths in a similar level). Hawkeyes gonna be long range support as Wonder Woman and Aquaman double team Thor. Here's the thing about Thor, he always holds back, more than anyone in comics. A younger, Mljonir less Thor has hit hard enough to create a black hole, and worthy Thor casually pushes planets together after CRACKING THEIR CRUST WITH THE SHOCKWAVES FROM HIS BLOWS, so while he might lose, he'll still keep the fight going long enough to get help from iron man after he's defeated Cyborg. Caps gonna beat Batman (close, close fight), and hulk and flash will continue fighting. Anyway the combined might of Iron Man (a thousand+ toner that tanks nukes on an off day), Thor, and (kinda) Cap, will eventually overwhelm Wonder Woman and Aquaman (though Captain America's gonna die today. After that everybody piles on flash.