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Hey Guys! It is I! The one and only ManofPower. My friends call me MoP! I am fluent in many verses such as Marvel, DC, Mortal Kombat and even The Minecraft verse. I along with AkhilPDX do Chaotic Crisis, A VS Battle with accurate research and fun original battles. Chaotic Crisis: https://discord.gg/CM7xSgD I love to debate and have fun with fictional characters, even creating my own Fictional Universe The Varosverse: https://discord.gg/c3qye4x I try to release stories whenever I can! But when I don't debate or don't do research I love to make music! Light of Destiny: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9LxXENv0FOUHWr6d_SJFww?view_as=subscriber I love to rap, being inspired by Eminem and so many other great artists, I even have a rap server! Rap Gods: https://discord.gg/weHfcE4 Thanks for reading my Bio! ALSO FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER! https://twitter.com/LightOfDestiny4 and if for some reason you wanna donate, my CashApp is $LightofDestiny but I suggest donating to this wonderful site first.

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