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Trevor Slattery

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Mandarin's History

The Mandarin was an international terrorist and claimed leader of the terrorist group; the Ten Rings (who had captured and held Tony Stark hostage in a cave, until he built the Mark 1 and broke free and also helped Ivan Vanko with his revenge on Stark). He possessed ten rings, which were the symbols and namesakes of his group.

His nationality was unknown, due to the fact he surrounded himself in secrecy, as he used many other warrior motifs and symbols and twisted them for his own use, such as Asian royal robes, a terrorist beard, samurai hair, a Captain America shield tattoo with the "A" for "anarchy" in the middle instead of star on the back of his neck, and a gun ammunition shirt. He studied South American insurgency tactics and Sun Tzu and other ancient warfare tactics. He surrounded himself with Chinese iconography, dragons, and the symbols of warlords. He was a field officer at one point. He had a hatred of America and used it to unify his group, who also had a hatred of America.

He attacked the TCL Chinese Theater in which Happy Hogan was severely injured, prompting Tony to challenge the Mandarin to a fight using the media. Mandarin had Savin destroy Tony's mansion.

With Harley's help,Tony discovered Mandarin's base and infiltrated it using a variety of homemade weapons. He found the Mandarin in his bedroom, where it was revealed that the Mandarin was just an English stage actor named Trevor Slattery that Aldrich Killian had hired to cover his evil schemes and had bribed him with as many drugs and women that he wanted, as long as he stayed in the mansion until another video needed to be made, and was oblivious to acts of the Mandarin.

During the final fight, Killian revealed he was the real Mandarin mastermind. After Killian's death, Slattery was apprehended for assisting in Killian's plans.

Slattery was later approached in prison by a man who claimed to want to know Trevor's story, however at the end of their meeting, the man revealed he was a Ten Rings operative sent by the real Mandarin. The man informed Trevor that the Mandarin wasn't pleased with him and wanted revenge.