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Hello there fans. Enjoy the battle matches.

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5+ years member.
Voted: Justice League

I am very surprised that the vote count is not closer here, especially considering the success of the Avengers films.
5+ years member.
This is not a suggestion, but a compliment. I see that check marks now appear to show that we have already voted on a particular battle. This is a huge plus! Thanks.
5+ years member.
I have been on this site, off and on, for several years now, I have only one bad memory. I guess that is not too bad. Maybe someday that memory will be erased and turned into a happy one?
5+ years member.
Well, you are asking me to think hard here, as my very first comics were probably from 1959 or 1960. I am sure that my first ones were DC's, maybe a Flash and maybe a Justice League. However, I really do not recall them well at all. The first comics that I remember for certain are Sea Devils #3 and Four Color #1256, aka Kona Monarch of Monster Isle, both from either late 1961 or early 1962. Strangely enough, the Four Color #1256 from Dell was the first appearance for Kona and this Kona issue remains in my top 5 favorite comic issues of all time. The artwork in the early Kona issues is some of the best that I have ever seen. While Sea Devils #3 is not in my top 5 favorites, it is certainly in my top 15-25 and the next Sea Devils that I bought, issue #8, is in my top 5 favorite issues. Metal Men #1 came out in 1963 I believe and it was also a very early comic for me. It is either in my top 25 or top 50 favorite comic issues. Strangely enough though, most of my comic interest switched to Marvel and the overwhelming majority of my favorite comic issues are from Marvel. However, I very much appreciate some of the DC television shows, especially Smallville, Supergirl and Flash. I wish that Marvel would do a better job with producing television programs, but they seem to prefer films.
5+ years member.
Not voted yet

I am very surprised that this battle is so one-sided. I would have expected a closer vote here.
5+ years member.
Voted: One-Above-All

They are no doubt huge Superman fans.
5+ years member.
Voted: Flash (CW)

Barry can send a lightning bolt or two at her and that might at least knock her out cold.
5+ years member.
Voted: Thor (MCU)

Remember that Livewire almost killed Kara in season 1 of Supergirl. Hence, Thor could use his hammer to bring forth lightning and that might have the same impact.
5+ years member.
Voted: Hulk (MCU)

That is a surprise....
5+ years member.
Voted: Livewire

Wow! What a fantastic summation!