Magus's Powers

As a member of the Technarchy, Magus is a metamorph, able to alter his shape into any form, height, or extension he desires. He can extend any portion of his body, including optical sensors, modify any part of his body to form plugs, supports, and vehicles, including spaceships. He can alter his entire body to form anything that is organic or mechanical. If portions of his body are destroyed, he can re-grow that part.
Magus can project convincing holographic images of any object in his memory banks. He also has a cloak against all forms of electronic tracking, psionics, or physical tracking powers or talents. He may learn new languages almost instantaneously, due to a type of telepathy.
Magus can heal himself by touching his victims, which alters their DNA structure with the "techno-organic" virus, or “transmode virus,” converting it into an organism like himself. He may then drain the energy of these converted organisms for sustenance.

Magus's Weaknesses


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