Machine Man

Machine Man

X-51, Aaron Stack

Prime Marvel Universe

Machine Man's History

Scientists worked on creating an army of robotic soldiers capable of acting like humans. Dr. Able Stack took one of the robots home to test a radical theory--a robot will only function like a human if it is raised like one. The other 50 models began displaying psychotic tendencies and the order came down to destroy them. Able attempted to remove the self-destruct mechanism, but it was triggered. X-51 survived, Able was killed. X-51 vowed that Stack's dream of human and robot peace would occur. He found a world greatly afraid of machines, but blended in. Although initially recruited by the Adaptoid to fight the Avengers, he soon joined the heroes.Machine Man fell in love with Jocasta and planned to rebuild her after she was damaged by Ultron. However, her head was captured by Bain during a battle with Terminus.Machine Man was captured by SHIELD in an attempt to make a new version of the Deathlok cyborg. This was thrown into further chaos when the Red Skull attacked the SHIELD helicarrier. Machine Man was able to save the agents, but seemed to be destroyed in the process.The Brotherhood, looking for weapons and devices, excavated the wreckage where Stack had been lost. They confronted SHIELD agent Jack Kubrick, who was also looking for salvage and secretly a Prime Sentinel. They killed him before his nannites would take him out of 'sleeper mode' and the body was left near the damaged Machine Man. Their technologies interaced forming a composite being. Stack's programming was eventually able to override the mutant-hunting qualities of the Sentinel. He was also able to transfer his and apparnetly Kubrick's mind into an LMD. This LMD fascinated the Celestials, who sent a Monolith to observe it and offer it to accompany the them. Stack agreed.