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Voted: Pralaya

true form oblivion would be more interesting. this is just a stomp.
@lucifermorningstar i gotta be honest with you i did not read the 2018 lucifer comics they just simpy bored me. and i feel you man the so called Lucifer fans who think Lucifer loses against the likes of: the living tribunal, Mandrak, the ivory kings and the beyonder. have a nice day/evening depending on your time zone.
oh, I am so sorry that i do not have an eidetic memory anymore. sadly i lost mine at the age of 7 and now i just have a pathetic memory that forgets things when it walks through a door trust me, I wish that I could still remember every sentence on a page after reading it through just once. I just needed to know which isseu jeez, but thank you for your help.
Voted: Great Evil Beast

Voted: Lucifer Morningstar

that's just because i asked you to.
Voted: Alfred Pennyworth

Alfred>>aunt may> Odin
Voted: Power Girl

Very close battle but powergirl has bigger boobs.
Voted: Wonder Woman

Thats a Joke right?
Voted: Lucifer Morningstar

Lucifer should have max speed. He speedblitzed across the dc multiverse and his own.

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