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Lord Voldemort

Tom Riddle

Lord Voldemort's powers and abilities

Voldemort is an exceptionally powerful wizard, meaning that he is able to use magic to a variety of effects. He is widely considered the most powerful Dark Wizard in centuries, and has a vast knowledge of magic that is almost unparalleled. However, he is incapable of love and cannot understand or wield any magic related to it. He is a very gifted duellist. He is skilled at both Legilimency, magically reading minds, and Occlumency, magically protecting his own mind from invasion. He is capable of magical flight without the aid of a broomstick or other support. He is also notable for his ability to apparate silently. He is a Parselmouth, meaning he is able to converse with snakes. He fragmented his soul into many pieces by killing others, and was able to place these fragments into Horcruxes, external vessels which, so long as they are intact, prevent their owner from being able to die.