Livewire (CW)

Livewire (CW)

Leslie Willis

Livewire (CW)'s powers and abilities

Meta-Human Physiology

As a result of Supergirl being struck by lightning while making physical contact with Leslie, the lightning (which also contained Supergirl's Kryptonian DNA) passed into Leslie, augmenting her physiology and allowing her to access her abilities.


Leslie is able to control and siphon electricity, as well as to transform into electricity. She has used it to conjure lightning blasts of various intensities and lengths and, while siphoning the entire city, her electricity became powerful enough to incapacitate Supergirl herself with one blast and potentially kill her, though she could also simply fight her off with lesser amounts. Her lightning can form into solid constructs, such as a whip or flail, which she used to restrain Supergirl. This electricity could be used knock people backwards without truly harming them, which she did to James Olsen, or to lift people into the air, as she did to Barry Allen while shocking him, before slamming him into the floor. In addition, she can electrify her touch enough to electrocute a person to death if they came into physical contact with her. If Leslie is completely drained of her power, or exposed to water, she reverts to her solid form and cannot use most of her abilities, nor will she then be able to transform into living electricity.


Leslie is able to use the electrical energy to rise into the air.

Electricity Mimicry

Livewire can completely transform into living electricity and travel through anything that will conduct an electric current, such as circuits and wiring. In her electrical state, Leslie can possess and control any device that conducts electricity, such as electronic screens and audio systems, as well as cause a blackout through an entire city.

Energy Absorption

Leslie's powers depends on the amount of energy she possesses, and like a battery, her powers are not indefinite. To re-power herself she must absorb a vast amount of electricity from an available power source. However, she is able to absorb not only electricity, but other forms of energy, to give herself strength. Even the energy from Kryptonian heat vision, or a speedster's residual Speed Force energy can be a suitable power source for her, though the latter can make her even stronger, due to its electrical nature.

Superhuman Durability

Leslie possesses superhuman durability, as she could take hits from Supergirl and could fight her off with the help of her electrical abilities.