Bernhard Baker

Life's History

Death of the Endless has become influenced by The Great Evil Beast and is on a path of destruction. With every encounter with the The Great Darkness, Death becomes more and more greedy, wanting the kill more people every time. This disturbance is felt in all the forces of life: the Red (animals), the Green (plants), the Clear (aquatic life and water elementals), the Grey (fungi), the Divided (microscopic life), the Metal (technological life), the White (air elementals), the Melt (earth elementals), the Flame (fire elementals), and the Black (decaying life and the undead). The leaders of each of these forces gather and know that Death must be stopped before she eradicates all life from the multiverse. Their best bet is to grant one being access to all the forces of life and to let him/her be the one to battle Death head on. Given his reputation of working alongside/against members of all the forces, Buddy Baker (Animal Man) is chosen to wield the powers of all life across the multiverse.