Lex Luthor

Lex Luthor

Alexander Luthor

Injustice (2013-2017 Games and Comics)

Lex Luthor's History

Alexander Joseph Luthor is the CEO of his company LexCorp, which he gained the funds for out of an attempt to get a huge life insurance policy from his parents' death. As such, he excelled in designing aeroplanes and space shuttles. When Superman came around, Lex became enamored but also enraged at him for knowing of someone like a Superman becoming a huge liability for Metropolis. As such, he went at odds with the Man of Tomorrow, getting around the moral that power comes from pure skill and smarts rather than godlike powers. Luthor's even responsible for creating well-known Superman villains like Bizarro, and even discovering a hunk of kryptonite and fashioning it into a ring just in case.