Lex Luthor

Lex Luthor

Alexander Luthor

Injustice (2013-2017 Games and Comics)

Lex Luthor's powers and abilities

By all accounts a mere mortal, Lex Luthor's greatest and most dangerous weapon is his mind. A certified genius, Lex is capable of creating a plethora of weapons able to wound and even kill the godlike superhumans of Injustice. His two most infamous creations are the 5-U-93-R nanotech pill, created from reverse engineered Kryptonian technology, and his warsuit. Lex's warsuit is a massive mech that allows him to go blow for blow with superpowered individuals and hold his own, and even defeat some of the most powerful superbeings seen.

The suit possesses superhuman strength and a degree of durability that allows it to grapple with and survive blows from Superman and Shazam themselves, while also carrying dozens of on board weapons and defensive measurements. Aside from the suit's great strength, it also has several missiles stored inside for long range attacks, the missiles able to wind and even knock out Black Adam, portal anti-gravity mines that deal devastating electrical damage, a tractor beam stored that can pull and push Lex's foes, and a large technological battle-ax that can fire bursts of energy to go along with its cutting edge. The warsuit's most dangerous weapon is not one installed in it, but from the satellite link up it can establish. Lex can use his suit's connection with his own company's satellites to gather a large collection of energy that his suit can capture and throw like a massive bomb, the explosion so large it can be seen from outer space. Aside from the suit's own natural durability, it's defensive output can be temporarily boosted by a barrier of electromagnetic energy that nullifies attacks.