Lex Luthor (DCEU)

Lex Luthor (DCEU)

Alexander Joseph Luthor


Lex Luthor (DCEU)'s powers and abilities

Genius-Level Intelligence

Lex Luthor is a supergenius of phenomenally outstanding, wunderkind level intellect (known to be a polymath and bibliophile, making numerous eclectic references), quite possibly the most intelligent human being in the world, with his phenomenally eclectic intellect virtually unrivaled, with Lex standing out even among other geniuses (notably being in many ways considerably intellectually superior even to a genius polymath like Batman, whom Lex outsmarted with ease, and with Lex referring to even the exceptionally smart and insightful Lois Lane as having a "little mind" compared to his) with his ability to master nearly any situation, usually against staggering odds, which makes the virtually peerless malevolent supergenius a worthy opponent even for Superman himself (despite his lack of metahuman powers), being as intelligent as Superman is powerful and far more intelligent than the latter despite Clark's own profilic intelligence inherited from his father Jor-El, the greatest scientist in all of Krypton and its greatest mind, making him more than able to gain the upper hand over the superhero and he was eventually able to kill him. Hence, Lex was notably not deceived by Batman's inhuman and supernatural façade (being quick to deduce via CCTV that the Dark Knight is actually only a mere man without any metahuman powers) and Flash's momentum negation mirage (still capturing footage of the speedster's powers by accessing the pharmacy's security cameras), and was able to easily outsmart and keep tabs on not only Batman, but also Aquaman, the Flash, Cyborg, and Wonder Woman simultaneously (despite all of those metahumans, as Lex dubs them, attempting to maintain their secret identities with discreet power usage), with only Wonder Woman eventually figuring that out (due to having been tricked before by another deceitful supervillain, Ares), but even she did so too late, and was unable to figure it out fully. In addition, after entering the Fortress of Solitude, Lex orders to be taught the vast amounts of knowledge that the starship's archive had from 100,000 alien worlds, with apparent success. As such, Lex's already pheneomonal intelligence became much greater than ever, effectively a supergenius, and he now has obtained tremendous amounts of knowledge regarding extraterrestrial beings, including that of the imminent threat posed by the New God invader Steppenwolf, coming to Earth (due to the Old Gods' and Superman's deaths having left the planet vulnerable), which Lex proclaims to Batman with glee. Lex's tremendously eclectic intellect extends itself to his unparalleled leadership, tactical, strategic, demagogic, deceptive, mathematical, scientific, engineering, computer science, computer programming, cryptographic, robotics, hacking, escapology, criminology, genetics, neuroscience, political science, literary, mythological, theological, exploitative networking, and oligarchical business skills, in addition to his phenomenal idiosyncratic wordplay skills with witty puns and malapropisms (allowing Lex to subtly reveal things he is aware of, with people only realizing it when he intends them to).

Master Tactician

Master Deceiver

Master Escapologist

Master Demagogue

Master Social Intuit

Master Word-Player

Master Mathematician

Master Scientist

Master Engineer

Master Hacker

Master Cryptographer

Master Businessman

Master Leader

Expert Criminologist

Expert Literarian

Master Theologian and Mythologist

Master Political Scientist

Master Networker

Eidetic Memory

Indomitable Will

Strength Level

100 kg • 220 lb

Super Powers

IntelligenceIntuitive aptitudeMarksmanship