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Voted: Batman

Batman has already beaten the Flash with his Justice Buster Suit, and he'll just do it again. He could also use the stealth suit, and plus he has a gadget that can instantly take our speedsters with the speed force.
187 days ago
Team Battle
Voted: Team Batman

Superman vs Batman*
Thor vs Silver Surfer*
Shazam vs Spectre*
Ghost Rider* vs Hulk*
Captain America* vs Spawn
Green Lantern vs Captain Marvel*
All of Batman's team then rushes the left overs from Superman's team. Batman dies due to sacrificing saving Silver Surfer from Ghost Rider. Cap Marvel then takes out Ghost Rider and they all head towards Cap America.
Voted: Batman

Yous have got to think. Batsy would just use EMP on Iron Man's Suit since his suit is vulnerable to EMP.
Voted: Shazam

Stop talking about a game. Adam stands no chance.
Voted: Batman

Superman can beat Captain America, Batman can beat Superman. So it's all settled. Bats walks away with the win. Cap wouldn't be alive if it weren't for Bats. Batman beat him once, he'll just do it again.
188 days ago
Team Battle
Voted: Justice League

Justice League would obviously win due to the power of Superman & Wonder Woman, the brains of Batman, the speed of Flash, Aquamans aquatic control and cyborg. Cyborg would distract Iron-Man, while Batman gets him with an EMP. Wonder Woman and Superman can hold off Thor. Aquaman could hold Hulk back until he gets more help, and Flash can sweep out Black Widow and Hawkeye. But the problem is Hulk. Hulk is a fierce giant who wont stop until he succeeds. It'll be a hard fight between these two teams.