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Lauren Strucker (Fox)

Lauren Strucker (Fox)

Lauren Strucker

Lauren Strucker (Fox)'s powers and abilities

Molecular Manipulation

Lauren possess the ability to manipulate matter on a molecular level.

Shield Generation

The opposite of her brother, who utilizes a destructive form of telekinesis to pull molecules apart, Lauren uses her powers to push molecules together to create shields. She can compress molecules together. In doing so, she forms force field-like barriers that can be used as protective barriers, as well as push solid objects and people away. At its lowest level, Lauren's power allowed her to push a bag of popcorn off a vending machine slot with a wave of her hand. However, her shields are also strong enough to deflect bullets, push away oncoming cars, and forcefully close the portals generated by an unstable Clarice. She has demonstrated a full understanding of her abilities, using them in both offensive and defensive setting, and has also proven herself to be able to improvise new uses for her powers on the spot. She was also able to create a barrier small enough to cover and apply pressure to an individual artery, which she demonstrated when she helped her mother save a wounded Harry. She also possesses the ability to create "constructs" by pushing the molecules together in a certain fashion. She used this to create a ramp strong enough to support a truck holding her brother, father, and Marcos facilitating their escape from Sentinel Services. Starting in Season 2, she is able to manifest her shields with just the extension of her hands. Her shields now also have a glowing golden hue while using them. They are powerful enough to block a moving SUV, and it has been shown Lauren has somewhat of a physical connection to her shields as seen when the force of the SUV on her shield caused her to be pushed back. Lauren can manifest her shields in different shapes or sizes, though she frequently uses them as arcs or rectangular shapes. At one point Lauren uses a shield to easily bash open a door, and at another time easily throws two guards off their feet.

Molecular Saw

In meMento, Lauren learns how to move the molecules in her shields at an accelerated rate, creating rapidly rotating shield projectiles that can easily slice through solid objects. These shields are powerful enough that Lauren can shrink them to cleanly slice through a soda bottle, or large enough slice through a light pole. Lauren later uses the ability to stop an incoming attack from Sentinel Services by slashing tires and slicing through tank doors and windshields. When using this form of shields, Lauren feels a deeper connection to Fenris and describes it as "not being herself."

Fenris Force

A powerful force of incredible strength. If Lauren and Andy hold hands, they are capable of producing an incredibly strong and destructive blast of light. According to Lauren and Andy themselves, they become a single collective entity. They feel everything around them, especially when inside buildings. They combine Andy's power to push things apart and Lauren's power to pull them together and produce a force they describe as being able "to do anything [they] want." Whatever they feel, they can destroy. They were able to unleash enough energy to create a large dent in a room made of the supposedly indestructible metal adamantium. When used in full strength within the confines of a building of any other material, the building is said to essentially vaporize. The effect of this force when used in an outdoor environment is currently unspecified. It has been mentioned that Lauren has two copies of the X gene which is what allows her to access the Fenris Force, so it would stand to reason that the same could be said for Andy.

Psychic Connection

Lauren has a psychic connection with her brother Andy, through this connection they have shared dreams. More over, Andy has felt Lauren's physical pain on at least one occasion, when he felt the sting of a needle in his left arm at the same time that Lauren had blood samples taken from her. Their mental connection extends to the use of the Fenris Force as Lauren describes becoming one with Andy when they used this powers previously.

Strength Level

90 kg • 198 lb

Super Powers

Energy BeamsEnergy BlastsForce FieldsMolecular Manipulation