Do you consider a profile picture?
How do u set up a profile pic? I legit don't know how lol.
@lantern you go to edit profile then click chose file then it'll let you choose from your photos what you want
Yes I am and thanks 4 da pic
Your welcome.
Give me a few minutes to make the match
Ready when u R friendo.
Firstly what do you want to debate about?
Secondly I got a cool photo you could use for your thumbnail , Do you want it?
Yo you want to debate now?
Um how about a marvel vs dc match up. And yea I desperately need a good photo
That Green lantern photo is what I got for you .
And are you familiar with Marvel and DC entities? I'm making a team battle
Yea let's do it
I am here 2 debate and chew bubble gum....and I'm all out of bubble gum
Guess what I'm here as well . Come at me bruh!
So you wanna debate? I'm going to be here until 2:00 AM USA

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