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Lan Mu

The Blue and White

Lan Mu's History

Lan Mu is the Main Character of Non-Human Gene Intergrated Physique, created by the Author for the sake of the Reader's entertainment. Everything up to this point had already been set in stone, whether it be his successes or his failures, his trials and tribulations, all of it was decided by the Author, a being beyond simply being in a higher dimension or realm but beyond the Interface itself. After transcending and reaching 001's Realm he became to Manager of the Interface as the writer intended, however his story changed from one of compliance to one of rebellion upon learning the existence of the Author. Hoping to rely on the power of the readers Lan Mu wanted to simple death, instead of ascending to a higher realm, or it being written he entered the "Real World" he wanted his story to end cleanly open to any possibility. This way there was a chance, perhaps in the future that a law in the "Real World" would give being such as him a chance to become real, despite being nothing more than a fantasy of the Author.

From that moment of stepping into oblivion, Lan Mu only had one thought on his mind, and that was the kill the Author.