Lady Bullseye

Lady Bullseye

Maki Matsumotu

Prime Marvel Universe

Lady Bullseye's History

Born in Japan, the young girl (it has not been revealed whether Maki Matsumoto was her birth name, or an assumed one) who would become Lady Bullseye was imprisoned by the Yakuza, who planned to sell her and many others into sexual slavery. However, Bullseye, on an unrelated errand, arrived to slaughter the mobsters. The sight of Bullseye effortlessly killing her captors inspired the girl to escape and become a killer. [citation needed] Years later, now in the employ of the Hand, the famous ninja order, she arrived in New York to take the lead in Hand ninja-lord Hiroshi's then unrevealed plan. However, she demonstrated little tolerance for the Hand's ritual when she interrupted some of them in order to catch her enemies. Those who were used to those traditions were caught off-guard. She killed and resurrected both White Tiger and Black Tarantula to assist her.