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Wrath of the Titans

Kronos's History

Off screen,

Kronos reaches out to his son Hades and offers to spare him if he can aid in his escape from Tartarus. Hades is already at odds with Zeus, so he agrees to the deal and Zeus is captured. Once Hades and Ares bring Zeus to Kronos, the Titan King begins to drain Zeus' power.

The process is a lengthy one, but at last Kronos begins to awaken from his hibernation. The Titan begins to break free from the mountain he is bound to. His first act is to try and crush Zeus with his flaming hand, but Zeus is freed by Perseus and Andromeda. Ares tries to stop them, but Hades has a change of heart and thwarts him. Kronos' outstretched hand destroys the now vacant altar, whereupon the Titan realises that Hades has aided Zeus' escape. Despite this, the Titan is simply content with escaping the Underworld. Kronos begins to climb his way to the surface.

Kronos emerges in a valley, where his Makhai are already battling Andromeda's army. But Hades and Zeus destroy the Makhai and they confront their father as he emerges. Kronos faces his sons once again as Zeus blasts him with lightning. Kronos goes on a rampage, first pulverizing a mountain with a swing of his arm. When Perseus arrives, Kronos swings his mighty arms, unleashing rivers of lava. The deluge of lava and fireballs rain down on Andromeda's troops, but Zeus and Hades are able to divert some of the fireballs. When Zeus and Hades combine their powers, they manage to stagger Kronos, but the Titan strikes the ground and sends shock-waves through the land. Zeus attempts to shield himself and Hades, but Zeus is overcome and injured.

Perseus then approaches Kronos wit the Spear of Triam. Kronos attempts to incinerate him by breathing fire, but Perseus uses the spear to pass through it and into Kronos' mouth. Perseus tosses the spear down Kronos' throat, which causes him to convulse and explode. Zeus later dies from his wounds, leaving Hades as the only son of Kronos remaining.