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I agree, nobody, everyone has a character they are biased towards, and most superhero battles are a matter of opinion as none of the fights start on a level playing field, both blood lusted and full potential, these are how the battles should start, but hey whatever to each their own
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Maybe it's the same reason why someone votes gwenpool over the over monitor
Voted: Black Racer

easy win for black racer
Voted: Iron Man (MCU)

so in infinity wars hulk punched thanos a bunch of times and did nothing, yet iron man hits him a few times and draws blood, thus concluding iron man has a stronger punch, any thoughts on this one, also i believe hulks speed should be lower than iron mans as iron man has has gone faster than jets, his combat is also able to take on winter soldier and captain america at the same time
wow this site has turned into a joke
Voted: Mister Fantastic

mr fantastic is a good deal smarter i would say, he has the ability and knowledge of reconstructing universes and that pretty much says it all
1 professer X
2 iron man
3 dr strange
4 flash
5 superman
6 spawn/ghost rider
7 deadpool
8 onslaught
9 phoenix
10 wolverine
44 days ago
Team Battle
Voted: Team Batman

mm* vs bat
apoc vs ss*
prime vs spectre***
onlsaught ~ vs hulk~
enchantress vs spawn*
braniac vs marvel*
mm vs everyone*
victory goes to team batman by a mile
I agree, gets way to crazy, a lot of this subjective and for people to try and fight other people and name calling is absolutely the worst,
i like these, i thought it was decent and would work out the same way, tough fight, i dont think flash is ever hurting jugs but to only remove him off the battlefield and place him in something that could hurt him gives it something to think about, good job guys