Michael Leaves


Keystone's History

Debut: The Salavar Dimension (September 2018)

Created by: TheMachine

Portrayed by:

Evan Bourne (WWE Wrestler in case you don't know)

Justin Timberlake

Theme Song : Immortals (Fall Out Boy) Kryptonite (3 Doors Down) Radioactive (Imagine Dragons)

DOB : April 14th , 2000 (22 years old as The Varosverse Currently takes place in 2022)

Favorite Song : Can't Stop The Feeling (Justin Timberlake)

Favorite Sport : Soccer

Favorite Food : Plain Pizza (Just Cheese)

Favorite Drink : Root Beer

Least Favorite Song : Rap God (Eminem)

Least Favorite Sport : Golf

Least Favorite Food : Broccoli

Least Favorite Drink : Raspberry Water


Michael is a serious but easy-going young man in his mid-20s. He’s in a way the perfect big brother : the nicest, most popular hunk in college, only 5 times as gifted, 5 times as cool, 5 times as smart – and 10 times as dedicated. He will approach everything with the confidence born of amazing talent and incredible training. Yet he manages to never seem pretentious in the slightest, always caring for others and being genuinely attentive. At times, a casual observer might think his motivation is thrill of adventure. He finds fighting crime or driving the Bounty Ship just plain *fun*, gets an obvious sense of satisfaction from bringing justice and happiness to the people, and has always some form of plan ready for combat. Although he’s not a motormouth like Marvel's Spiderman, he usually seems very relaxed when doing the superhero thing. However, what actually makes him tick is a deep, burning desire to make the world a better, safer place where justice actually exists. Like Star Storms , he wants no one to ever suffer the losses he went through. This moment in his memories of the time before his loss lets Keystone fight for a better, safer world for honest people around him while his former mentor fights to crush evil. Like Star Storms , he has a very strong “nobody dies on my watch” code. Keystone’s courage is amazing. He has faced so much danger and monstrous opponents straight from a nightmare since his early teens that he seem to be fearless and take physical pain in stride without much of a shock. To him it’s a mere part of his job, and he can actually defy physical or mental torture with a smile. Even when badly hurt, he’ll still act in a stalwart and generous way, saving innocents and bearing little grudge. Likewise, although his life has been a terrifying emotional grinder, he’s outgoing, gentle and well-adjusted.

Relationship with allies

Flamer : Keystone cares a lot for Flamer. Though he never treats him as a kid, he knows Flamer is the closest thing to a little brother he will ever have. He enjoys being on the same team with him, and will help to train him when he can, usually running Flamer through old training routines Star Storms devised for him . They have clear chemistry and respect between them.

Sinthea : Sinthea and Michael briefly dated but nothing came of their relationship and the two decided it would be best to remain friends. However, they still care deeply about one another, and this is evidenced by Sinthea's love for Michael allowing her overpower Tyton's control .

Early History

Michael Leaves was born in Augusta, Maine. As a teenager, he was chosen at random by the alien D'Nol, the last surviving Cyrian of the planet Xre's elite Universal Soldiers , to inherit his power and succeed him as the last Cosmic Protector following the destruction of Xre by the intergalactic Salavar. Having been mortally wounded in the battle that tore Xre apart, D'Nol succeeded in tracking Salavar to Earth, but he was unable to exact vengeance himself due to the extent of his injuries. At death's door, D'Nol had little choice but to transfer his power to an unsuspecting human on the planet below, gambling that whoever he found would be willing to take up his cause and prove worthy of the powers he had given their recipient.

The sudden infusion of power overloaded Michael's body, and he was hospitalized. While Leaves was comatose, the moribund D'Nol explained to him telepathically what had happened to him and what his mission was. Michael's recovery was as sudden as his incapacitation had been, being preceded by cosmic blasts that knocked a doctor out of his room. Discharged, he tried to resume his normal routine. Michael , unsure of what to think about having this new power, went to his ex-girlfriend's apartment, Cindy White, showing her that he now was a superhuman . She decided to help him, and after his first adventure where everyone thought he was Jack Thunder, she recommended he redesign his costume to distinguish himself.

The new look did not stop Salavar from trying to destroy Michael during his first week as a superhero, however, when Salavar came looking for revenge against Jack Thunder for his defeat in Özora. Salavar decided any hero would do. With some help from Star Storms , one of his heroes, Michael defeated Salavar. It took the alien warlord by surprise that Michael as a new soldier could even harm him. Star Storms was shocked when Michael knew virtually nothing about Jack Thunder or The Özorian Corps.

Michael and Cindy got back together, and she helped Michael train for his new role as a superhero, Even giving him the name Keystone. Tragically, she was brutally murdered by the evil organization VekTek, who had sent Warhead to learn the truth about the new hero, Michael stopped just short of killing Warhead when the authorities arrived. Michael was then approached by Jack Thunder who told him a little about the history of Cyrians and Özorians.

The League of Justice

Michael sought refuge with The League of Justice, a world-renowned team of super heroes. He was inducted along with Jack Thunder to take the place of the charter members, who wished to take a leave of absence. At first he was looked upon as less capable than the previous roster, but defeating Salavar, Naska, and other threats quickly proved his worth. Later, Michael was abducted by Salavar and subjected to an evolutionary ray that triggered the latent potential of his augmented genes. Thus, He became the Herald. No longer possessed of strong emotional ties to people and places on Earth, Michael decided to leave the planet along with Star Storms to pursue new challenges as a founding member of the space-faring band of adventurers known as The Bounty Force. Returning to Earth some years later, Keystone exhausted his cosmic energies to save the sun. His powers severely depleted, he spent months recuperating at the LOJ Mansion. Now known as Silverstar, He eventually rejoined the team. Michael overcame emotional emptiness, alcoholism, substantially reduced power levels and a formal court martial before his teammates to prove himself as an asset among the league. He proved himself on many missions and was instrumental in defeating the All Mighty One during the Earth Wars.

He was one of many heroes who opposed Future Star Storms (Ancestral) during his breakdown and remained with them until they officially disbanded. A short time later, Michael found himself working alongside the Bounty Force again .

A True Protector

Max Jeffrey proposed Michael undertake a scientific mission to learn the true origin of Dark Cosmic. Attracted to the prospect of spending time alone in the void of space, Keystone agreed. And, after weeks of exhaustive preparation, the equipment-laden adventurer penetrated the atmosphere and went faster than light

4 months and nearly 15 light years later, he woke up. Discovering the remains of Xre, Keystone encountered the Master of the Universe. MOU then gave the origin of Keystone's power . It was in the beginning of time . The Being was creating his omniverse . He sought to create gods and mystical and cosmical forces . The Dark Cosmic was originally a power of evil until MOU discovered and controlled it . Here he shared this power with the Cyrians and it eventually came to the chosen one . That chosen one was Michael .

Here it explained that Michael Leaves of Earth possessed all of the necessary attributes: intelligence, courage, and resourcefulness, and was to become the new Master of the Universe, a position of the gods.It appointed him the It's successor with his mission to safeguard the universe from the greatest threat that he had ever perceived. Of this threat, only three things were known: 1) the threat would come from space, 2) it would manifest itself on Earth, and 3) it would try to slay him to gain the secret of cosmic awareness. After performing the Rite of Passage, It transported Keystone to Earth where he sits and waits for the dreadful opponent that shall come and face him