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Kang's Powers

Kang ages at a slightly slower rate than modern humanity.

Kang typically carries various weapons, such as an anti-matter defense screen generator, a "vibration-ray" projector, an electromagnetic field-amplifier, neutrino-ray warheaded missile launcher (hand-gun size), electrical paralysis generator, nerve gas sprayer, and a molecular expander. Kang commands a vast armada of warriors from across the galaxy of his future era. He uses numerous robots, most notably his Growing-Man stimuloids, packed with the "Growth Pollen" of the world Kosmos, which causes them to grow in size and strength by absorbing kinetic energy.

Kang's primary base in 40th-century Other Earth is the Center, but he also maintains a secret dwelling in the realm known only as Purgatory, as well as strongholds in various alternate realties. His former base Chronopolis, powered by the Heart of Forever, served as a crossroads into virtually every era in human history, but lay just out of phase with the timestream and was therefore undetectable. Its palace and inhabitants were unaffected by temporal divergence or the passage of time. Kang formerly employed a 20' long space-worthy vehicle housing his time machine, which could reach all eras of all timelines by accessing the transtemporal realm of Limbo. Kang has used a number of other vessels, such as his Sphinx ship and Damocles Base, an immense sword-shaped orbiting headquarters.

Kang is an expert in travel through and manipulation of time, and has mastered his future's advanced technology. He is an expert strategist, a veteran of armed and unarmed combat, and has an indomitable will to succeed through struggle.

Kang's Weaknesses


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