Nathaniel Richards



Kang's full-body armor (composed of an unidentified future metal) enables him to lift 5 tons; it can project a force field around him that is extendable up to twenty feet and can shield him from even a direct nuclear strike. The suit has its own self-contained atmosphere, food supply and waste disposal system. Its weapons include anti-graviton particle projectors in his gauntlets, concussive force blasters, circuitry accessing his ship's time machine, allowing him an "automatic recall" of a few seconds, and various other weapons. Kang formerly used technology which transferred his mind into an alternate body upon the point of death.


He typically carries various weapons, such as an anti-matter defence screen generator, a "vibration-ray" projector, an electromagnectic field amplifier, neutrino-ray warheaded missile launcher (hand-gun size), electrical paralysis generator, nerve gas sprayer and a molecular expander. He commands a vast armada of warriors from across all periods of time, including his own future era, armed with advanced weaponry. He used numerous robots, most notably his Growing-Man stimuloids, packed with the "Growth Pollen" of the world Kosmos, which causes them to grow in size and strength by absorbing kinectic energy; this Growth Pollen uses the same energy accessed, via the size-changing "Pym Particles" discovered by Dr Henry Pym.

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