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58 days ago
Team Battle
Voted: Team Condiment King

Prayala would be on team one but she hasn't been added
58 days ago
Team Battle
Voted: Team Odin

Supergirl tries to use her two most prominent features to distract eveyone, but to stop that Galactus "reminds" her that he is larger and that size does indeed matter
66 days ago
Flash II vs Yang
Voted: Yang

I think Bazza would win but I've picked Yang for two obvious reasons
Voted: Megatron

This is great, you've got LordTracer making reasonable points with evidence and then someone who is doing the simple thing and saying 'Errr... No, because he beat people who are robots, completely different types of robots but still robots, so Megatron would lose.' and then refusing to give evidence and accept a factual answer. So by this logic, Batman beat Superman so Batman could beat the entire living Kryptonian population and any beings who are similar to Superman in terms of abilities and power
Voted: Spectre

I know the Spectre won't win, I just wanted to ruin the 100% victory percentage
Voted: Azathoth

The Overvoid is closer to Azathoth than the Great Evil Beast is
Voted: Doctor Fate

Also Fate survived Crisis On Infinite Earths, which means he survived a retcon.
Voted: Doctor Fate

Doctor Fate has banished Trigon and Mr. Mxyzptlk at the same time, he has survived The Spectres most powerful attack, he has destroyed the Anti-life equation and a lot more. So banishing the Hulk is childs play to him.
Voted: Imperiex

Someone who destroy universes and then fixes all the imperfections in them, just to destroy them again Vs Someone who eats planets. Not to meantion all the firepower it took to beat Imperiex, and the fact he perma-killed Doomsday in one blast
Voted: Batman

As much as I love Moon Knight, Batman is well... Batman. It would be fun to see a fight between them, but going off of the fact that Bruce has beaten Punisher, Cap and Hulk in crossovers imma give it to Batsy
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