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2 days ago
Team Battle
Voted: Team Superman

Batman has beaten the Hulk in a crossover and is a lot better at fighting than Cap but if you go off of a crossover they are equal but he never used any of his gadgets in that fight it was pretty much a boxing fight (fists only). WW has beaten Thor in a crossover, She would kill Cap in one punch and beat Hulk easily like Superman could. Superman could be all of them but Thor would be a struggle if he was able to hit Superman with his lightning. And don't try to argue about the strength f Superman and WW because they have both lifted infinite weights, and withstood their "weaknesses" multiple times.
Overall the JLA team would overpower the Avengers team completely.
Also don't try to say but King Thor could beat any Superman because no, no he can't, because Cosmic Armour Superman exists.
Voted: Flash II

Barry Allen's top speed in the comics was when he ran 13 trillion times the speed of light to save 532,000 (approximately) citizens of Chongjin, North Korea from a nuclear explosion.
2 days ago
Chaos King
The only grading thing I've seen someone describe him as is "Beyond Omega Level" but i don't know the power scale of Marvel so I don't know what that means exactly. But I do know that, that means he is around the same level as The Marquis of Death and pre-retcon Beyonder
Voted: Doctor Fate

How doesn't Fate have 100 intelligence, he has knowledge of everything in the universe and before since he is older than the universe itself. Anf the time stone means nothing since Fate has Chronokinesis which is the ability to control time
18 days ago
Team Battle
Voted: Dr Manhattan and Darkseid (Anti-Life Equation)

Also the Spectre was shown to be equal to the Living Tribunal in power in a crossover, so Pandora is stronger than the Living Tribunal as well going off of feats and Manhattan killed her.
18 days ago
Team Battle
Voted: Dr Manhattan and Darkseid (Anti-Life Equation)

I'd go with Dr Manhattan because he instantly killed/erased Pandora who is stonger than The Spectre, this means he is nearly or equal to the Presence when it comes to power. Furthermore the Anti-life equation gives you control over all sentient life, and both Thanos and Beyonder are sentient life forms so he would have control over them.
Unbound Spectre is definetly at the top, however when Fate is True fate (Man+Woman+God) he is above Orion and even The Phantom Stranger, even at normal power I'd say he is still above Orion in terms of power. However in peak forms you would have to include Cosmic Armour Superman who literally has Plot Manipulation as one of his abilities and can't be harmed by Kryptonite or Red Sun radiation both of which still work on Superman one million Prime.
World Breaker Hulk wouldn't be on the list.
People who could make the list:
- Cosmic Spider-man
- Sky-Father Hercules
- Silver Surfer
- Phoenix
- Odin
- Godzilla (Beat the Avengers, X-men, F4 all at once in a Marvel crossover)
- Franklin Richards
- Sentry
- Human Race Wally West
- Guardians of the Universe
Shame it is superheroes since there are too many ridicuously OP villains
58 days ago
The Writer
Should be above the 3705 limit since he is above God
Voted: Doctor Fate

Even if he has the time stone Doctor Fate has Chronokinesis which allows him to manipulate time as well.
67 days ago
Your top 3's
1. Favourite overall films:
- Shawshank Redemption
- Sinbad: Legend of the seven seas
- How to train your dragon
2. Favourite superhero films:
- The Dark Knight
- The Avengers (the first one)
- Logan
3. Favourite athletes:
- Lionel Messi
- Dries Mertens
- Perparim Hetemaj
4. Favourites sports:
- Badminton
- Football (Soccer if you're wrong)
- Hockey
5. Favourite bands:
- Imagine Dragons
- Foo Fighters
- Panic at the disco!
6. Favourite musicians:
- Ed Sheeran
- Logic
- George Ezra
7. Favourite favourite songs:
- Riptide,Vance Joy
- Radioactive, Imagine Dragons
- The Pretender, Foo Fighters
8. Favourite pass times:
- Gaming
- Reading Comics
- Watching Tv
9. Favourite games:
- Star Wars Battlefront II (2005)
- Horizon Zero Dawn
- Cel Damage
10. Favourite superhero/ villains:
- Dr Fate
- Batman
- Thor
- Amatsu-Mikaboshi (Chaos King)
- Ultron
- Imperiex-Prime
Justice League of America

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