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Johnny Quick

Johnny Quick

Jonathan Allen

Earth 3

Johnny Quick's History

Johnny Quick was a supervillain on the alternate Earth designated as Earth-Three, but rather than being a counterpart of the Earth-Two Johnny Quick, he was a version of The Flash. He and the other members of the Crime Syndicate of America (all of whom were villainous counterparts of Justice League of America members) were Earth-Three's only superpowered beings, and had never been defeated by Earth-Three's primary hero, Alexander Luthor (a heroic counterpart to Superman's nemesis Lex Luthor). They travelled to Earth-1 as they were out of shape from inactivity, but were defeated by JLA. They were attacked by the JSA, but using a trick imprisoned them and battled the JLA again, where The Flash defeated Quick by making him work up so much speed he couldn't control it and collapsed. The Crime Syndicate are imprisoned by Green Lantern in the vibratory barriers between Earth-1 and 2. Once they were released by time-traveling villain Per Degaton to help him change history and take over Earth-2, though they tried to overthrow him. They tried to get him, but he revealed he had made sure he and his Time Machine would vibrate at a different speed to them, meaning they couldn't touch him. They told him who they were, and he decided to use them. He then made them steal nuclear missiles from the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962 on Earth-Prime and brought them back in time to Earth-Two's 1942 by towing them behind his time machine, not caring about the fact war would happen due to this. When they tried to defeat him, they were hurled into 1982 of Earth-1, as he had made sure this would happen if any of them touched him. They materialized on the JLA's satellite headquarters, and defeated the heroes. The JLA traveled to the past and teamed up with the JSA and All-Star Squadron to prevent Per Degaton's plan. When Per Degaton was defeated, these events were erased from existence. Like the rest of the Crime Syndicate, he perished during the Crisis at the hands of the Anti-Monitor when a wave of antimatter destroyed Earth-Three.