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4+ years member.
4+ years member.
Suggestion: sort characters by class rating.
4+ years member.
Comment about the user power grid: maybe outlying entries should be dropped? That way people can't put in ridiculous numbers just to mess with the system.
4+ years member.
I /thought/ I might be doing something wrong. 😁
4+ years member.
It looks like user power grid only shows up for me when I am logged off.
4+ years member.
So kind of like overall skill/ability? Makes sense.
4+ years member.
You're welcome!
Why do peak humans (Batman, Captain America, Black Widow, black Panther) not have a power level of 0?
4+ years member.
@Galactus, two weeks things:
First, how do you define the power stat?
Second, I've noticed that changes to the profile doesn't change after hitting the save button. Though it does say it has saved.
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Phoenix. Galactus. Probably Silver Surfer.
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What is the definition of the power stat?

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